BRÜ meets Heifer and the Hen 3

Some things are a match made in heaven, like peanut butter and chocolate or champagne and orange juice. Obviously, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Another not-so-obvious duo is ice cream and beer. Two of the ultimate guilty pleasures combined into one delicious pairing experience. Yes, please. This is so much better than wine and cheese.

With the summer season in full bloom, it’s officially time for gooey, sun-melted ice cream and a cold brew in the backyard — preferably side by side.

Beer recently became the new food-pairing darling in the culinary world, and, thankfully, Boulder businesses are embracing the trend. When we caught wind that BRU handbuilt ales & eats and Heifer and the Hen decided to do flights with ice cream pairings, our Lifestyle team was there in a New York minute to try it out for ourselves. Along with a squad of brew and ice cream connoisseurs, we had one question in mind:

What’s the scoop with ice cream and beer?

The Judges

Seth Talmon: Western field sales manager for Avery Brewing

Andy Manz: Boulder Lifestyle publisher and beer enthusiast

Colleen Kelly: Beer and food writer/photographer

Michael Memsic: Co-owner, Sanitas Brewery

The Host: Ian Clark, Owner of BRU and the Heifer and the Hen

The Challengers

The Findings

1. Obitus with Vanilla

Loved the Obitus dry finish. It allows it to knock the sweetness down of ice cream. –Seth

Rich and Decadent. The brown ale compliments the richness of the vanilla. ColleenPorter with Russian

Both have awesome sweetness and balance. –Michael

2. Periculm + White Balsamic and fig

Killer. Well-balanced. The acid of the balsamic does well with the pale ale. –Ian

3. Cajeia + Mcibock

I think this is the only one that didn’t work for me.

4. Honey + 5280

I like the honey all by itself.  –Michael

“Love the honey, no doubt it’s honey”

“That, in the winter, would be my bear skin rug”

“I almost think a hopper beer might work better with this flavor”

“The sweet and savory aspect of the balsamic goes well with the hops. Hard to do!” –Seth Talmon

“Yep, that works as a float”