Add Sizzle to Your Summer Workout

Where and how to cross train for some of the season’s 
best outdoor activities.

Noted as one of the premier athletic clubs around, Colorado Athletic Club (CAC) offers a full-service athletic club, tucked inside a country club atmosphere, with impeccable customer service. With spacious cardio and weigh rooms, including fitness class offerings at all hours of the day, all eight of CAC’s locations offer an assortment of ways to get fit, including the assistance of personal trainers. It also offers saline pools, which are gentler on the hair, skin and eyes than ordinary chlorinated pools.

ACE CPT, Level II USA Cycling Coach, Paul Lugar, says, “CAC is a club that offers a diverse group of services to the community, something for all walks of life so folks don’t feel intimidated and excluded.”

A MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) Specialist, Lugar brings clients from physical therapy or post-injury into the personal training environment. He says that when the weather is nice everyone wants to train outside, but they need to maintain some cross training to support their efforts.

“Many sports have limited movement patterns, therefore creating imbalances and asymmetries that increase chances of injury. One to three hours a week at Colorado Athletic Club, maintaining strength and mobility on your own or with a personal trainer, could make or break your summer,” says Lugar.

Looking to heat up your summer training? Consider focusing on one of these three summertime physical activities:

  • Climbing
  • Cycling
  • Running

Plan of Attack


/// Amp up core stability and strength

/// Increase upper body strength and power

/// Improve grip strength


/// Develop core stability and strength

/// Increase pelvic stability training, including a balanced approach to lower body training

/// Practice plyometrics (a.k.a “jump training”)


/// Intensify core stability exercises

/// Work on single leg training

/// Increase upper body strength maintenance

His best advice: “Start or maintain cross training. Don’t over-complicate the gym workouts. And make sure to relax at the pool.”