Saving Face

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage


Summer. It’s the season of long hikes, bike rides, gardening and all the things we love to do outside. But all this time enjoying the beautiful outdoors can make it oh-so-easy to forget the power of our Colorado sun.

It’s true that sun exposure helps you make vitamin D, but too much of it can wreak havoc on your skin, even if you don’t see a sunburn. According to Todd C. Becker, M.D., Ph.D., a specialist in aesthetic dermatology and owner of Rinnova Skin and Body, ultraviolet rays damage the skin’s DNA, inhibiting its natural repair mechanisms.

“We accumulate sun exposure throughout our lives,” said Dr. Becker. “The damage is permanent, so it’s important to start preventing it from a young age.”

As we get older, our skin naturally loses some collagen and elastin, both necessary components for that young, firm look. Unfortunately, too much sun speeds up the deterioration of both, resulting in looser skin and wrinkles.

Sun exposure can also lead to benign tumors, precancerous or cancerous lesions, dilated blood vessels and irregularities in pigmentation (ie. sun spots). You can avoid putting yourself at unnecessary risk by getting the facts.

3 Shady Misconceptions about Sun Damage

  • “I can skip the sunscreen on cloudy days.”
▶ 80 percent of the harmful UV rays filter through the clouds, so sunscreen is necessary every day.
  • “I only need sunscreen when I plan to be out in the sun.“
▶ Colorado sun is intense, and you’re in it as soon as you walk out of your house. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine.
  • “I can’t get skin cancer because I have dark skin.”
▶ People with more pigmentation do have more protection from sun damage, but they can still get sun spots and skin cancer.

Neck and Jawline

Loose and wrinkled skin can be tightened with ultrasound devices or lasers. However, the Profound radio frequency device at Rinnova Skin and Body can reach deeper to work skin further below the surface.


Troublesome wrinkles and loss of elasticity are addressed with fillers, radio frequency or aggressive CO2 laser treatments. Excess or redundant skin on the eyelid can be removed through a surgery called blepharoplasty.


Blood vessels around nose are common and easy to get rid of with a vascular laser. Rinnova Skin and Body’s VBeam laser erases unwanted blood vessels sometimes in a single treatment.


Fine lines and drooping can be minimized with laser, radio frequency or deep chemical peel treatments. If dark spots are a problem, Intense Pulsed Light or laser treatments can target these areas.