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Finn McDaniel is 11 years old and attends Summit Middle School. He recently won first place for 6th–8th graders at the 2016 Lafayette Youth Poetry Prize. Finn shared with us his prize-winning poem, Chaos.

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As I spin these rhymes

These lines

With the melodies of chimes

I declare this verse to be chaos

As I split open wide tradition

My rhymes will face no omission

You ask why chaos?

Because chaos is an antonym to order

Order a synonym to defined borders.

And these rhymes must defy the foundation of the nation.

Never to fall back into line, never to grow dim

With no laws, with no rules, you can taste the freedom, 
something they don’t teach in schools.

Rhymes can’t fall into a line like mules.

No! They should explode in vibrant hues.

In neon yellows and blues.

Not be condensed, and pressed into a tin like tobacco chews.

No! Lines, rhymes, they charge through like Bonaparte piercing 
the heart.

They will not be treated as a product to be taken off a shelf and 
placed into a cart

No they will cry out like a singing lark

And if my lines my rhymes  should have eyes

Behind them will always be a bright spark.