Studio Shed’s Stylish Backyard Retreats

Throughout history humans have craved and coveted small spaces. Little sanctuaries where we can feel safe and feed our creative bent. A place to philosophize, write, tinker, meditate, listen to the silence and explore the inner reaches of our true selves.

From Henry David Thoreau’s modest cabin at Walden Pond to Virginia Woolf’s hallowed room of her own, many notable writers and history makers have found solace in separation and inspiration in seclusion.

Studio Shed, based out of Louisville’s Colorado Technology Center, understands the need to get away from it all and has designed a line of outbuildings with a sleek, modern look that can accomplish anything from extra storage to turnkey residences.

Studio Shed was founded by Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and Mike Koenig, who met as professional mountain bike racers. Horgan-Kobelski needed a place to work on his bikes and built the first Studio Shed in his Boulder backyard. Koenig liked the concept so much he built one to use as a home office. They opened Studio Shed together in 2006.

Horgan-Kobelski says the company has grown exponentially since then.

“We quickly realized there was a big opportunity for art studios, music studios and much more,” he says. The company now ships to all 50 states and will double the size of its manufacturing facility this summer.

Though “shed” is a rather banausic term, these structures are a far cry from most backyard storage units. In fact, they’ve been used for everything from yoga studios and spas to home offices and even fully plumbed guest houses. While not technically part of the popular tiny house movement, these stylishly versatile structures are another way to achieve that level of simplicity.

“Our company’s vision is to help facilitate ways for people to live smarter rather than living bigger,” Horgan-Kobelski says.

He sees a lot of clients choosing Studio Shed as a more affordable alternative to remodeling. “People who don’t have $100,000–$200,000 to dump into a home addition. If they just need that extra little bit of space, this is a more affordable solution.”

Studio Shed offers four lines of buildings with prices ranging from $4,000 for a small storage unit to more than $100,000 for a multi-building residence they completed in Sonoma, California. However, Horgan-Kobelski says the price tag for the most common set of options with a finished interior is $15,000–$20,000.

Finished interiors are part of an add-on Lifestyle Kit that includes denim insulation, six flooring choices, LED lighting and drywall.

Each building takes about five days to put together, or just one to two days without the interior finishes. Studio Shed has a network of certified installers all over the country, but customers are also welcome to DIY.

Horgan-Kobelski says they take pride in the fact that everything is completely manufactured right here in Boulder County before shipping and meets strict requirements for efficiency and green building standards.

“We’re really focused on sustainability. We want to produce something that will last as long as your home. It’s going to be efficient and it’s going to be a comfortable, healthy space to be in,” Horgan-Kobelski says.

As a testament to its ecological leanings, the company offers a beetle kill siding that’s a rustic reflection of the Colorado mining aesthetic. They’re also planning to roll out a new series of gabled-roof buildings this summer to offer a more woodsy alternative to their signature West Coast architectural style.

Whether you’re planning to pen the next great American novel or need a guest house for mother-in-law visits, Horgan-Kobelski says these buildings may offer the separation and privacy you need.

“We hear time and time again how a small structure like this has changed people’s lives. In terms of their work-life balance or creativity and efficiency.”