(not) SHAKEN not STIRRED 11

Boulder’s best businessmen paired with OAK at fourteenth’s cocktails. 
Find out their recipe to being business savvy.

There are certain guidelines to making a good cocktail. One part this or that, a garnish here or there and maybe a mix or muddle. Most importantly—is it shaken or stirred? When a recipe is concocted just right a perfect cocktail is the result. The steps of a recipe relate to the entrepreneurial business world. With each step and process meticulously done right, it results in a success story. Take it from eleven prominent Boulder businessmen who enlightened us on what’s their recipe for success.


Adam Avery

Avery Brewing Co.

What’s your recipe: For succeeding in a crowded market?

“1 part team + 1 part quality + 1 part innovation + a dash of chaos factor.

I surround myself with extraordinarily passionate and talented teammates who are drawn together by the common dream of creating the perfect beer and the perfect beer experience. With the understanding that everyone’s perfect beer and perfect beer experience is different, the breadth and depth of our portfolio makes us stand out—we make beers for every occasion, for every time of year, for every palate and for every step of a person’s craft beer journey. We love pushing the boundaries of what beer can be, and our new brewing facility is allowing us to create even more barrel-aged beers so that beer drinkers around the country can taste more of these adventurous brews than ever before. We embrace the chaos of barrel-aging and, aside from quality, it’s exciting that folks never quite know what to expect from Avery Brewing Company.”


Will Frischkorn


What’s your recipe: For successfully pulling a 180 with change of career/industry?

“The transition from the life of a professional cyclist living in Spain to starting Cured with Coral back home, here in Boulder, was about as complete a career 180 as imaginable … and in the best of ways. I got to live my childhood dream, racing bikes all over the world and even getting paid to do it. Then afterward, I jumped right into two passions that grew over my career as a cyclist … food and wine. While few things other than a great appetite and a high metabolism are skills applied in both worlds, the ability to simply put my head down and dig is still one of the biggest things I can attribute to years on the road that help me now on a daily basis.”


Geoffrey Keys

Keys Commercial Real Estate

What’s your recipe: For sustaining long-term success? 

“I think that Dale Carnegie said it best, ‘Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.’ After all, success doesn’t mean much if you can’t or won’t enjoy it.”


Brandon Dwight

Boulder Cycle Sport

What’s your recipe: For maintaining work/family balance?

“Well, if I knew the secret recipe work/life balance that worked every time I’d be a billionaire! The truth is the recipe changes all the time. Sometimes I need more from my dedicated staff and incredible business partners. Or I may lean on my amazing friends or the extremely loyal cycling community. But the main ingredient has been and will always be my incredibly supportive and inspiring wife!”


Dr. Winfield Hartley

Boulder Plastic Surgery & IV Seasons Skin Care Clinic

What’s your recipe: How do you stay on the cutting edge of your industry?

“Step 1. I try not to be the first or last to adopt new technologies (safety and efficacy).

Step 2. I treat patients as a whole with a comprehensive approach to aging: skin care, nutrition, prevention, team approach, minimally invasive to surgical procedures.

Step 3. Use stem cells and the body’s natural systems to promote revitalization and rejuvenation.

I chose to become a plastic surgeon after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent bilateral mastectomies as part of her treatment.  I was able to see firsthand the benefit that restoring form and function could have on a patients’ life and recovery. We have modeled our skin care and surgical rejuvenation practice to reflect the lessons learned from our cancer patients: comprehensive care in a nurturing, compassionate environment. Prevention and treatment go hand in hand, and we offer solutions for individuals at all stages of their lives.”


Matt Cutter

Upslope Brewing Company

What’s your recipe: For managing the demands of rapid growth?

“At the core, the recipe is built around the ability to be comfortable with controlled chaos, but also being able to quickly sift through the chaos and identify the killers … those variables that will bring you down, impact quality, hurt your brand, destroy your cashflow, disenchant your good people. Looking out 2–3 years is key: What’s the lead time on a 120 barrel fermenter? Where am I going to get the money to pay for it? Will we need another brewer? But most of all, empowering your people to figure out how to put processes and systems in place to handle the next stage of growth will magnify your ability to prepare for growth from little old you to an entire team who know their job much better than you do.”


Bryan Dayton

OAK at fourteenth

What’s your recipe: For running a tight ship?

“A tight ship in the restaurant business? Ha! Restaurants are a beast, and it’s hard to have an A+ night/day. There are so many moving pieces inside four walls. The biggest key is your people, everyone from the managers to the dish steward. It takes a village to feed one. Coaching is constant and never taking your eye off the ball in trying to have a perfect service. I’m blessed at all our restaurants, we have amazing staff, and they make sure the ship is tight at all times.”


Stephen Tebo

Tebo Properties

What’s your recipe: For spotting opportunities?

“Opportunities in commercial real estate are best found by looking for underutilized, under-rented or under-developed properties in highly visible, easily accessible areas on well-traveled streets. I couldn’t pick a better place to be than Boulder and love the tight-knit feeling of the local business community. I’ve certainly swung and missed my fair share, but overall it has been a great ride.”


Todd Reed

Todd Reed Jewelry

What’s your recipe: For pushing industry boundaries?

“1/4 cup drive to be better today than I was yesterday
1/4 cup raw, fearless passion for my purpose
1/4 cup love for all that I understand and all that I do not
1/8 cup gratitude for those who support and give truth to me
1/8 cup joy for the beauty that I get to create

This recipe will require a few deep breaths, total trust and smile for a successful pour.”


Joshua Onysko

Pangea Organics

What’s your recipe: For making tough decisions for the betterment of your brand?

“When I need to make tough decisions, I generally make a mental list of all stakeholders involved, from the farmer all the way to our customers realizing that the end consumer is always the earth. I ask myself how will this effect the greater good.”


David Ellis

Ellis Construction

What’s your recipe: For keeping a consistent 72 degrees under pressure?

“I have a strong passion for what I do. My recipe for “staying cool” under pressure is the confidence and satisfaction I get in knowing that I will deliver an excellent experience and product for my clients. The projects I build are complex; they are emotional and involve large investments from my clients. While custom building is challenging, my experience allows me to come up with creative and timely solutions and keeps projects running smoothly. After 22 years in the business, there’s little I haven’t seen or cannot figure out!

Ultimately, my calmness comes from the security I have in knowing that I’ve earned the trust of my clients. At the end of the day, I’m reminded how fortunate I am to be building extraordinary homes in such a wonderful place. It helps put everything into perspective.

So, why does the Old Fashioned cocktail suit me? Because it is classic, smooth and simple, yet it is all about the quality of the ingredients and the skill of how it’s constructed.”