Making it Personal

It’s National Men’s Health month so we dived into the return of the house call with concierge medicine. A system to get the best health care without the waiting room.

The world of medicine is ever-changing. In many ways there have been great advances in the field, but in other ways physician to patient ratios widen. This relationship between patients and their doctors have become increasingly transactional and impersonal. Think about the last time you visited your primary care physician. This probably involved having to schedule an appointment months in advance, then enduring an extended wait once you arrived, only to be followed by a disproportionately brief conversation with your doctor.

For those living on the Front Range, Dr. Eric Hernandez, M.D., is here to shift the paradigm. With his new venture, Alpine Woods Medical, Dr. Hernandez looks to bring health care back to the days of physicians coming to the patient and making house calls with his concierge medicine service philosophy. By emphasizing the development of personal relationships with patients and making the health care experience convenient and comfortable, Dr. Hernandez and Alpine Woods Medical give the patient control and ownership over their health.

Dr. Hernandez founded Alpine Woods Medical in late 2015, bringing his philosophy of educating the patient to the forefront.

“I got into medicine to take care of people,” says Dr. Hernandez, “and this has really allowed me to do that.”

With a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical School and a background in emergency care and as a primary care physician, Dr. Hernandez emphasizes that the hamster wheel we often find ourselves in when dealing with medical care is not conducive to the ongoing health of patients. Dr. Hernandez gravitated towards the concierge style of medicinal practice because he believes it leads to more efficient, effective, sustainable health care.

“It’s up to you to decide what to do with your body,” says Dr. Hernandez. “My job is to help you come to the safest decision that makes the most sense for you.”

At Alpine Woods Medical, you pay a one-time, annual fee which gives you complete access to their care provider for the year. Dr. Hernandez travels to you, taking all inconveniences out of medical care, and appointment times last as long as they need to. You have access to all the usual primary care services. This personalized mobile care also means that your doctor develops a relationship with you and knows your lifestyle and medical history, making for more informed consultations and more efficient care, eliminating time spent giving the Reader’s Digest version of your medical history to a new specialist each time you need to see a doctor.

“We are putting health care back in the hands of the patient,” says Dr. Hernandez.