For the Dads & Dudes

While summer is not officially here until June 20th, the telltale signs are definitely around us.

With my oldest son starting tee-ball this year, it brought back many great memories of my childhood. In the town where I grew up, the little league association hosted a skills assessment day, then a draft. If you have spent any time around me, you probably know that Kansas City Royals blue runs through my veins. As an eight-year-old, you can imagine what it was like when Dennis Leonard, who pitched for the 1985 World Championship Royals team, called my house to say the team he coached had drafted me. Along with Dennis’ son Ryan, there were several other boys of former Royals players on our squad. We even had practice in John Wathan’s backyard, who managed the Royals during that period. You want to talk about fun? How about when we had our year-end party at coach Leonard’s house and Bo Jackson was doing cannonballs off the diving board!

Hundreds of hours spent playing catch with my dad in our backyard. I can still hear the locust and tree frogs some 30 years later. Fast forward to this year. I was so excited to sign my son, August, up for his team and even volunteered to coach. The night finally came for our first team meeting. Before we left the house, I went ahead and Googled the address of the field—Armstrong Park. I was surprised I’d never heard of Armstrong Park. Nothing was showing up on Google Maps, so I finally called the Lafayette Parks and Rec number. After a little more research, it all hit me. I signed my son up for a league in Lafayette, INDIANA. Wow! Needless to say, there was a bit of disappointment and embarrassment on my end.

While the Internet brings many conveniences, the human brain still is needed at times. I hope the good folks of Lafayette, Indiana, have found a replacement coach for their kids.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the issue!

Andy Manz