dude food 3

Our selection of local dude food and manly meals you have to get your hands on. Great for grilling out, snacking in or going on a great escapade.

Crystal River Meats, Carbondale, CO Beef Eye Round Steak | CrystalRiverGrassFedMeats.com

Tender Belly Bacon | TenderBelly.com

Cured Bleu Cheese | CuredBoulder.com

Cured Opinel Knife | CuredBoulder.com 

Evo Hemp Bar | EvoHemp.com

Yummari Coconut | Yummari.com

Justin’s Peanut Butter | Justins.com

Vivi Chili & Salt Chocolate | ViviChocolate.com

Mrs. Barrs Natural Foods Stepmonster’s Trail Mix Up | MrsBarrsNaturalFoods.com

Corvus Cold Brew Coffee | CorvusCoffee.com