Around Town 14

Centro Latin Kitchen presents first ever Mole Festival

Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace celebrated the incredible versatility and flavor of Mole with its very own festival on Thursday, March 24. Chef Dakota Coburn invited guest chefs Clint Myers from Zolo Grill and Jamey Fader from LOLA Mexican Fish House into Centro’s kitchen to create their own takes on this Oaxacan classic. All three dishes were served alongside a special Vago Mezcal pairing from Bar Manager Natalie Dodson. Mole is a classic and possibly ancient Mexican sauce made from various types of chiles. There are as many legends about its origins as there are types of mole sauce, with variations ranging from negro and coloradito to poblano and almendrado. Some moles have as many as 30 ingredients, and family recipes are heavily guarded and passed down from generation to generation. The name mole comes from the Nahuatl word for chile sauce, chīlmōlli and it is said that, because it contains North American, European and African ingredients, modern mole is the first international dish created in the Americas.

“The preparation and study of mole has become an obsession for me over the last year,” says chef Dakota. “I am in love with its deep historic roots and endless possibilities. We have become so in love with mole, we dedicated every Wednesday night to exploring the beauties of it. This provides an opportunity to really connect to a dish so authentic, while allowing us freedom to expand the options of our menu. This festival is to celebrate the end of Lent, and in Mexico mole is traditionally served as a celebration dish. So come celebrate the mole way.” 

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless gets a New Mural

An extremely talented student, Xan chose to design a multi-panel mural for the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless for her 8th grade Capstone project. This truly exceptional piece took 170 hours and three months to design and was done all with paints she obtained from hazardous waste recycling. She mixed all the colors herself. The mural is strategically installed at the receiving line of the cafeteria as a permanent feature and is already receiving substantial praise from the facility leadership and tenants.

Ardith Sehulster, Shelter Board member and former President, shared the enthusiasm for the project expressed by the shelter’s volunteer cooks, “They love the mural, are so impressed with Xan’s talent and cannot imagine that wall pre-mural.” Shelter Executive Director, Greg Harms, added, “Xan caught the vision for this space in the Shelter— just the right amount of color, cheer and meaning. We trusted her, and she came through with a truly thoughtful piece.

Residents, staff, volunteers and visitors to the shelter will delight in this for a very long time.”

Explanation of mural: from left to right the mural moves from an upside down house with shattered windows representing homelessness and disruption across a bridge that represents path to a better future leading to an intact house and a full sun.

MemberJets Announces an Affordable Solution to Flying on Private Jets

Kansas City-based MemberJets announced the launch of their new platform that allows members to cost-effectively crowdsource personal and business travel via private jets. Denver is among the initial cities offering the serviceservice. MemberJets’ unique membership-based approach has revolutionized private air travel and made private aviation accessible to an entirely new segment of the market.

According to MemberJets’ founder Ty Carter, “Our goal at MemberJets is to give our members the comfort, control and luxury of private aviation at prices that make sense. While avoiding the hassle of commercial air travel, our members save time, as well as money.”

Currently, MemberJets is accepting applications for new members. Flight scheduling will begin in May 2016.

Prost to Post Collaboration Baltic Porter Release Party

When Breweries that start with P and end with OST get together and make beer, good things happen. Brewmaster Bryan Selders and Brewer Nick Tedeschi of The Post Brewing Company joined forces with their friends at Prost Brewing to bring you a big heaping helping of lageriffic goodness: Prost to Post Baltic Porter.

To celebrate this momentous endeavor and this beautiful brew, Prost Brewing in Denver hosted a special happy hour and release party on Friday, March 25.  Also joining the party was Chef Brett Smith of The POST and GoodBird Kitchen throwing down some delicious fried bird to accompany the Baltic Porter. Sweet live tunes and a Stein Hoisting Competition with killer prizes rounded out the evening.

Prost to Post is brewed to 8.5% ABV from a blend of all of our favorite grains including Maris Otter, Special W, Perla Negra, roasted barley, flaked maize and pea flour. Balanced by shovel loads of an herbal blend Magnum and Willamette hops, this luscious black beauty fills the mouth with roasty, deep chocolate and dried, dark fruit flavors. Lagered for a full four weeks at The POST, Prost to Post is smooth as silk and tempts the senses from beneath a dense, tan head of foam that refuses to quit.

Flatiron Window Fashions Reaches its 10th anniversary this month

Ten years of hard work, outstanding customer service, loyal repeat customers and their many friendly referrals afforded Flatiron Window Fashions the luxury of reaching this special milestone. The owner, Jason, is superbly qualified. He gained technical product engineering skills working at a major Window Coverings manufacturer and, subsequently, learned Selling skills at a major Window Coverings retailer, both in Colorado. Armed with valuable hands-on Window Coverings industry experiences and an MBA, he sustained and grew this small business over the past 10 years.

This company thrives on in-depth shop-at-home selling processes allowing consumers to make sound interior decorating decisions in the comfort of their home at very affordable prices. Flatiron Window Fashions carries a wide array of Window Covering products for Residential and Commercial applications. Its offers the top brands from major American and foreign Window Covering manufacturers. This wide product offering provides customers with the greatest choice of product, brand and price point.

Boulder B-cycle sees a spike in use

Boulder B-cycle started with 12 stations and 75 bikes in 2011. Today you’ll find 40 stations and 300 bikes. And in 2015, riders used B-cycle 84,000 times—a dramatic 95 percent increase over 2014. Still, officials say the program is only running at a fraction of its capacity. B-cycle offers a 24-hour pass for $8 and a monthly pass for $11, both of which allow users unlimited 30-minute trips. An annual “Republic Rider” pass costs $88 and allows for 60-minute trips. Individual 30-minute trips cost $3. A rider who exceeds the allotted time is charged extra. B-cycle is a nonprofit organization that functions with financial support from private companies. The city of Boulder provides some funding and has helped the organization obtain grant money.