Smokin' BBQ 1

The spirit of The Ghost BBQ has us hooked.

Barbecue can be synonymous with outdoor, carefree parties in the heat of an Indian summer. It can be comfort food, gooey and warm straight from the oven (or smoker). It can be spicy, loaded with sauces handcrafted by a master chef. At The Ghost BBQ & Spirits, it’s all of these. This nook of flavor needs no opening act, though it wouldn’t hurt to try after seeing one next door (at the Boulder Theater) either. Residing in the former George’s restaurant adjacent to the theater, The Ghost gets its name aptly from the legend that George reportedly haunts the venue.

Owner Bob Sargent combines 12 years’ experience with Savory Cuisines Catering (the company behind the food at the pre-63rd street Avery) with both Kansas City and Texas-style barbecue in the heart of downtown Boulder. The Ghost offers staples such as macaroni and cheese and baked beans, as well as unique choices such as jackfruit sandwiches, shrimp and yam cakes and various happy hour sliders, making it perfect for meat lovers, picky eaters and vegetarians alike.

Just as our crew made our way to our table at The Ghost, Sargent and Chef Scott Selker immediately started preparing their best signature dishes. As the plates rolled out and our stomachs got full, we laughed and shared moments just as if we were with family. Sargent’s years of operating in a “people” environment have clearly paid off with both food quality and restaurant atmosphere.

Boulder is an eclectic city of the perfect combination of food, beer and culture. The Ghost BBQ is positioned for both passersby to do a drop-in beer and dinner combo and theater-goers to start (or complete) their night. We couldn’t think of a better addition to complement our iconic hometown theater and the acts who frequent it—George’s ghost included.

The Details:

The Ghost BBQ & Spirits

2028 14th Street