Dreaming of Havana 3

with Studio Be Salon

In 2006, Hair Stylist Beth Weber opened Studio Be Salon with husband and entrepreneur Ian. The high school sweethearts’ hope was to create a space where folks from all walks of life could be themselves and to be bold in doing so. After consistently outgrowing two salons in Fort Collins, the Webers opened the third Studio Be Salon on the Front Range in downtown Boulder in May, 2015. The original Studio Be staff consisted of five people. Collectively, the salons now employ 75 people.

“Growing our business and our family at the same time has been a blessing as well as a real struggle,” says Beth, who jokes that she could multiply her years of marriage by seven, like dog years. “But Northern Colorado has been amazingly supportive with both.”

Studio Be’s mission is to inspire people’s potential, while also helping one express his or her individuality. Patrons receive in-depth consultations and are genuinely encouraged to do what’s best for their hair, even if that means avoiding further services, like bleaching.

“It’s such a good environment,” says Rita, an employee at the company. “I like that the focus is on the integrity of hair. There’s an emphasis on keeping hair healthy, not just what someone thinks will look good.”

“It’s just hair,” says Beth. “But for many people, hair is a huge part of who they are and how they express themselves. It is more than vanity for many people. After a big life change, new hair can be what gives you a new perspective.”

Healthy hair combined with a healthy, creative work environment for all 75 employees has allowed the Webers to intentionally build a platform that fosters success, both in their clients and in their employees.

Good friend Darby Brown, lead stylist from the Old Town Fort Collins studio and artistic team member, explained her vision for the Havana Dreaming photo shoot to Beth over a casual sushi lunch. Beth loved it and knew it would tie in nicely with the announcement of the salon carrying a new product, Oribe, because Oribe’s creator is Cuban born.

“It’s great to launch at the same time!” says Beth. “Our entire team supported her vision and changed the salons to support the visuals from the photo shoot. Now all of us at Studio Be are Havana day dreaming.”