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Audi Boulder, Bridge House & the Audi Cup Cafe

When local Boulder businesses team up with the city’s non-profit organizations in the spirit of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, they can create true and tangible change for the betterment of the community and its people. With the Audi Cup café project, that’s exactly what Audi Boulder and Bridge House are striving towards and accomplishing.

Launched in December 2015, the Audi Cup café is a quick and convenient coffee stand right in the Audi Boulder showroom on Exposition Drive off Arapahoe here in Boulder. Audi patrons can purchase coffee and pastry items as well as snacks and breakfast and lunch items, including wraps, burritos, soup and more. The café is also open to surrounding businesses in the area, and all revenue goes towards supporting Community Table Kitchen, a program of Bridge House, which provides jobs and job training to homeless men and women in the area so that they can create and follow through with their career goals.

“We have partnered with Audi Boulder since 2014 and have deepened our partnership each year,” says Isabel McDevitt, executive director of Bridge House. “We share the spirit of entrepreneurship and commitment to improving our community through innovative and bold ideas.”

What began as a traditional philanthropic relationship, as McDevitt would call it, has evolved into increasingly unique partnership ideas with Audi Boulder such as the Audi Cup café.

The Bridge House is an organization that has been providing programs, resources, and support services to homeless adults in the Boulder area for over 15 years. From basic needs services to more specific programs, such as their Community Table Kitchen project.

The Community Table Kitchen project provides paying jobs and culinary skills training to homeless men and women. When an espresso or a cup of coffee is ordered at the Audi Cup café, they are directly supporting participants in the Community Table Kitchen project, as the café is staffed by members and participants of the program.

Audi Boulder continues to partner with Bridge House through programs, volunteering, and more, helping Boulder’s citizens thrive so that the city may in turn thrive.

Visit Audi Boulder and read up on Bridge House and all its amazing programs to get involved and support a better Boulder.