Strictly Business 1

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is one of those questions every little girl and boy is asked from kindergarten all the way to college.

The children’s responses are often times imaginative. Johnny wants to be a firefighter, astronaut and doctor. He’s been imagining different scenarios since he got his first toy fire truck.

But what about little Suzie?  What could she aspire to become?

It seems like ages ago that Suzie wouldn’t have as many opportunities. The glass ceiling hung high overhead and cultural norms prevented fighting these obstacles.

Fortunately, things for the most part have changed, especially in a place like Boulder where female entrepreneurs thrive in the job market. Forbes released an article about “25 Best Metros for Female Entrepreneurs” with some interesting statistics. At the top of the list was Boulder, Colorado, with the most women-owned small businesses, 4.42, per 100 people. The opportunity for women to carve their own path is endless in this town.

So how does the entrepreneurial bug bite?

This is a question we answered after meeting with 14 inspirational business owners (pg. 48) who each shared their unique stories and tidbits of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

I also got coffee with Danielle Renfrew Behrens, who is a local Boulderite working as an independent film producer and started her own production company, Superlative Films (pg .68).

Annie Toan, owner of the new hot spot Arcana, dined with us one evening and told us about her experience as a new restaurant owner (pg. 36).

Each woman had her own story to share. And this month it is all about her-story, not his-story that defines these women.

We hope you enjoy.