Around Town 9

One-of-a-kind News Hub Moves 
Headquarters to CO

Mosaiscope, a product of Enemy Tree LLC and the next level news platform striving to change the world of news aggregation, announced in Janury its relocation to Longmont, Colo. in Boulder County. Mosaiscope is the easiest, most flexible, innovative and beautiful way to discover, read and share the content people love. Relocating to Colorado, Mosaiscope is making a strategic decision to tap into the rapidly growing talent pool, as well as gain access to the incredibly active culture of the area. Colorado is now home to the future of news aggregation. Mosaiscope creates a seamless experience allowing consumers to keep up with news and interests with the following features: It allows consumers to keep up with the news they care about through an innovatively designed, user friendly, and continuously updating platform. It provides the ability for news to be extracted from both sources, such as favorite news websites and blogs, and topics, pre-selected by the user.  Users have the ability to add their own sources, offering a truly personalized platform tailored specifically to the user. Mosaiscope is free and available on any device online and now in the Apple App Store. Additional features and functions are available with a Mosaiscope Premium subscription, making the reading experience even more fun and powerful. In addition to a tiered membership plan, Mosaiscope will add bonus features to its Premium Service and will also be offering an Android version in the near future. Focused on reshaping news media distribution, discovery, insight and sharing, Mosaiscope is the news platform catering to content consumers and creators passions and interests everywhere.

Eat Drink Shine Available in May

The relationship you have to food is similar to the relationship you have with yourself and how you connect to the world. Having made food their lives’ passion, the Shine Sisters are sharing their philosophy, healthy living tips, family friendly recipes, and stories about sisterhood in their debut cookbook EAT DRINK SHINE: Inspiration from Our Kitchen, Gluten-Free and Paleo Inspired Recipes. After working in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years, the sisters wanted Shine to not only be a restaurant, but rather a community dedicated to nourishing food, drink and events. When they opened the doors to Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, they made a commitment to serve their customers nutritionally inspired comfort foods that were 100 percent gluten-free.  The 100-plus recipes featured in the cookbook sparkle with the same dedication to high quality ingredients and bold flavors: 100 percent grass fed meats, free-range chicken, wild fish, lots of fresh organic vegetables, natural fats, and nuts and seeds, while limiting grans, legumes and dairy. The recipes, although gluten-free and paleo friendly are so delicious that everyone will love them.

14th Annual Whittier-Mapleton Garden Tour

Downtown Boulder’s Whittier International Elementary School is holding its 14th annual self-guided Garden Tour Saturday, June 4 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Garden Tour has established itself as Boulder’s premier garden tour, opening eight to 10 spectacular private gardens on historic Mapleton Hill to the public. Attracting more than 500 visitors annually, the Garden Tour has established itself as must-do event in Boulder as well as Whittier Elementary school’s most successful fundraiser. Privately owned and tucked away from view, these remarkable sanctuaries are not open to the public at any other time of year. The gardens are hand-selected to showcase a variety of types – mature, avant-garde, lavish and modest – and features: exotic plants, rare and gorgeous flowers, extraordinary hardscaping, terraced landscapes, and gardens that cleverly exemplify ways to implement water-wise and small space solutions. Colorado State University Master Gardeners will be on hand to answer questions and provide helpful information. 100 percent of the proceeds from the Garden Tour benefit Whittier International Elementary School, a public school that, at 133 years old, is the oldest school in Colorado that has been continuously operating in the same location. Whittier International Elementary serves a broad population in terms of international and socio-economic diversity. Whittier’s students come from more than 40 different countries, speak more than 10 different languages and 40 percent of its students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Longmont Museum Opens International Origami Exhibition

The Longmont Museum is a center for culture in Northern Colorado where people of all ages explore history, experience art, and discover new ideas through dynamic programs, exhibitions, and events. Above the Fold: New Expressions in Contemporary Origami is the Longmont Museum’s newest special international art exhibition, running up until May 1, 2016. In the hands of nine artists from Japan, France, Canada, the U.S., Israel and England, what was once considered a children’s craft becomes a sophisticated global art form. Paper is transformed into breathtaking sculpture, large-scale origami installations and conceptual works that express contemporary social, political and aesthetic ideas. Above the Fold was developed by International Arts & Artists and independent curator, author and educator Meher McArthur. The Longmont Museum is thrilled to be one of the only stops in the United States on the exhibitions international tour. Locally, the exhibition is supported by the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver.

The “Winter Park Wipe Out”

The Winter Park Wipe Out, a mountain town tradition with interactive outdoor activities, presents their annual scavenger hunt and obstacle course designed to challenge participants, test skills and experience Winter Park. The Winter Park Wipe Out will take place on Sat., April 2, 2016 at Hideaway Park in Winter Park, Colo. Participants will meet at the park at 2 p.m. and have three hours to complete a pre-defined course throughout the downtown area with over 20 challenges, games and fun activities. After each activity is completed, the participant will collect party beads and cowbells that will help identify the winning team. This year’s family-friendly activities include snow sports, puzzle solving, food challenges, interactive games and more. Participants are encouraged to come dressed in their best costumes and be ready for a party. Attendees can enjoy beer, hot chocolate, s’mores, live music and more chances to win amazing prizes following the event.

Landmarks of the Future

This spring, ​Saturday, April 30 & Sunday, May 1, Historic Boulder revives its 23rd Landmarks of the Future ​tour featuring more than half a dozen homes in Old North Boulder. Boasting an eclectic mix of architectural styles, innovative additions and traditional renovations ­ each home is an exemplar of scale, sustainability and style! This tour offers a rare chance to see amazing, imaginative homes that capture the spirit of Boulder’s ingenuity and resourcefulness by truly making what is old new again. Nationwide growth pressures are threatening existing homes and overwhelming our landfills. Each home highlighted in Old North Boulder has valued and re-­imagined their existing building stock through creative space planning, material finishes and sustainable design.

Ristorante Via Perla Now Open

Via Perla, the newest dining choice from The Walnut Restaurant Group, welcomed its first guests at a Grand Opening Dinner on March 21, 2016. In the weeks that followed, regular lunch and dinner service will be complemented by two unique offerings; Merenda (translated snack time) served Monday through Saturday, from 3 to 6 pm, which started March 28; and Tutti a tavola! (translated Everyone at the table!), beginning April 3. This traditional family-style supper stretches from noon well into the evening. The restaurant’s regular menu will be served during these times, as well. Regular lunch service will begin April 11.  Each and all, notes Owner Peg Romano, speak to the distinctive dining experience restaurant founders are eager to share.  “The signature of Italy truly is that extraordinary meal prepared with such passion and served with such grace that you find yourself lingering. Even the most modest meals come with a sense of abundance and a beautiful blend of past and present. Most of all, there’s the feeling that all gathered there are family. That’s our intention for Via Perla.” To ensure authentic flavors reminiscent of each region, Romano and Executive Chef Kelly Kingsford traveled to Italy for recipe development. The result is a seasonal menu of house-made pastas, select fish and meats, locally farmed produce and specialty inclusions from Italy. The new 9th and Pearl setting, too, has been especially designed for the Via Perla experience. Antique accents, natural finishes and the marble flooring and bar enhance the sense of warmth and welcome.