The lines between the past and future are often blurred with today’s design. Modern comes in many different forms and in this case, one Boulder-based family opted to infuse classic modern (mid-century) with 21st century style. Much easier said than done.

Nonetheless, the homeowners in the Newlands Neighborhood felt excited to create their very own personalized dream home. As a growing young family, the homeowners wished to preserve the classic lines of the house but, with two small kids, they also wanted a functional and forgiving space.

They called upon HMH Architecture + Interiors to help them make their three bedroom, two-bathroom house come alive with a more modern redesign.

“We chose HMH specifically because of their unmatched expertise in modern architecture and interior design,” the homeowner says. “I have a deep appreciation and a broad knowledge of art, architecture and design, so when we decided to purchase this home, knowing we would renovate it, HMH seemed like a great fit.”

The family moved into the home in the spring of 2012 and began construction the next fall with the main goal to improve the flow of the spaces inside and outside, and to enhance the family living. For example, the entire lower level was repurposed specifically for their children to live and play. They also added a see-through indoor/outdoor fireplace to join the main living spaces inside and out and to create more livable square footage.

To keep the mid-century modern idea throughout the home, the family asked for clean lines, like pocket doors instead of swinging doors whenever possible. They also asked for actual door knobs mimicking the mid-century style instead of the door levers used today.

While the family also envisioned adding more rooms, Harvey Hine, the founding partner and managing principal at HMH, suggested focusing on multi-function rooms instead. For example, the homeowners created two sitting areas in the larger living room and the guest room doubles as a music room. Plus, Hine says small houses tend to create close families.

“Additionally, we chose not to have a formal dining room,” the homeowner says. “Our life happens at the kitchen table instead.”

In the end, the house feels finished with a centrally located living space where the family spends most of their time. The kitchen, family room, and multi-purpose rooms stay organized with specific design strategies, like a gear storage room on the lower level to keep outdoor equipment in its own space. Modern, clean and colorful, yet livable for a young family, this home epitomizes today’s mid-century modern trends.