Finding Nederland 6

An early spring was predicted (thanks Punxsutawney Phil) and we’re all catching a bit of the travel bug here at the Lifestyle office. With summer travel plans still a few months away, we decided to treat our symptoms with a quick trip out west via Boulder Canyon Drive.

Nederland, Colorado is only 17 miles away and with a motto: “life is better up here,” it’s pretty enticing. Hungry and excited we set off for our day in Nederland, a town like no other.

Salto Coffee Works 
and Tin Shed Sports

The first order of business had to involve two things: food and coffee. Fortunately for us our first stop was Salto Coffee Works. We were greeted by a clock tower and Tin Shed Sports, a bike and ski shop, making it very clear that this is a gateway to the outdoors. The town is only four miles away from Indian Peaks Wilderness and Eldora Ski Resort.

We enjoyed the house-roasted specialty coffee, one Latte and Cortado to be exact, and ordered from their chef-driven and seasonally prepared menu, a creamed carrot soup with a dollop of yogurt, topped off with fresh baked bread. A delicious special of the day.

112 E. 2nd Street 
PO Box 3045



Nature’s Own

Next stop – shopping. Our eyes dazzled with the sight of a teal building with a huge sign that said, ‘Geodes, Crystals, Fossils, Gemstone, Jewelry.’ What else does a girl need?

Since opening in 1986 people have been wandering in amazed by the large selection of nature and science gifts, unique home good items (mortar and pestles, Himalayan salt platters, marble cups) and music from local artists. The mountain music shouldn’t be taken lightly considering this is one of the things Nederland is well known for.

5 E. First Street



New Moon Bakery & Café

In the center of town is a staple bakery called New Moon Bakery & Café.

Baking at 8,240 feet definitely adds that special touch to their fresh croissants, scones and muffins. They have a selection of sweet and savory options but we opted for a sweet mid afternoon snack.

We enjoyed the renowned gluten free macaroons and a fresh baked cookie with creamy ganache to compliment our second daily round of lattes. All pastries are made with butter, sugar and real chocolate, apparent with each fresh bite.

1 W. 1st Street



Crosscut Pizzeria & Taphouse

After a year renovating a building from the last turn of the century, Crosscut Pizzeria has come to life to serve delicious food.

The newest eatery addition in town is a pizzeria serving artisan wood fired pizza and craft beer. Ingredients are locally sourced but their specialty copper oven is made from special clay that hail all the way from Provence, France.

4 E. 1st Street



Wild Mountain Smokehouse & Brewery

There’s no better way to wrap up an adventure-filled day than a flight of brews…on a ski. We got a taste of Wild Mountain’s house brewed beer starting from light to dark. Our personal favorites were the Hop-Diggity IPA and the Ned Big Red, two picks popular amongst the locals.

While sitting at the bar soaking in the day and looking out at the scenic mountain view, we had just enough room to try their world renowned Ned Smoked Chicken Wings (Dozen $12). These aren’t your typical wings. The jumbo wings are slow smoked, tossed with a buffalo sauce and then touched up on the grill. Finger lickin’ good and a sound way to end the day trip.

70 E. 1st Street