The Creative Culture

Growing up in my home was like an artist’s jungle gym. My parents and two older sisters (I’ll never let them forget that) are all artists, each with their own medium of choice.

My dad the Renaissance man, has always enjoyed woodworking, photography and even had a violin making phase; my mom would make felt bags, commissioned paintings and now focuses on her leather making; my sister Caitlin is a talented musician and my other sister Lauren does poetry and drawing. The house was always buzzing with creativity; tools of the trade (whatever it may be) always on hand, and the opportunity to hone your craft was always an option. Honestly, I’ll admit this is something I regret not taking advantage of more.

From being constantly surrounded by arts and crafts, I learned from a very young age that not everything had to be bought from a store. In fact, it’s always more special when you support local artists. My mom, a now tenured Boise Saturday Market attendee, would have us hop around from booth to booth, and each weekend I was exposed to amazingly talented people. To this day my mom has a booth at the market and when I go back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho I hang out with fellow market people down at her booth.

While working on the Arts & Culture issue, it was exciting to meet so many different artists in Boulder and Denver. Each city is an imaginative hub where self-expression is encouraged through any outlet, and as I learned with my interactions this issue, it’s never too late to embrace your artistic side. It’s safe to say that just about every feature is about an artist in some sense of the word, because art is in everything.

We hope you enjoying reading this issue as much as we enjoyed making it. To all of the makers and shakers out there – this one’s for you.

Dana Lapinel

Editorial Director