The Art of the Bud Vase 2

Tara Huston of Fawns Leap gives us floral inspirations with her minimal approach.

In floral design, there are so many ways one might present colorful flowers. One of the most standard displays is when flowers are en masse with bountiful blooms spilling from a large, beautiful container. Although when budget or the occasion calls for something a bit simpler, here at Fawns Leap we love to create what florists call a table collection, which is a careful combination of elegant vessels that are designed to showcase individual blooms. These petite bud vases can be artfully arranged to create an elegant table centerpiece showcasing flowers. Sometimes less means more.

A Few Tips

When selecting blooms for a bud vase collection, it’s helpful to look for colors and textures that work well together. Varying the tones within one-color palette and pairing with greenery is always a good start.

Blooms with an interesting shape to the stem like clematis, ranunculus and chocolate cosmos are also a good choice. You can get creative and incorporate objects like driftwood, stones, figurines, candle holders or other decorations that you already have around the house.

Incorporating plants into these bud vase collections adds to the visual interest, but these vases last long after the blooms have faded. Bud vases only call for a few stems, so you can treat yourself to fresh, unique flowers without having to purchase large bunches.

Meet The Artists

Bud vases, especially unique pieces like we’ve chosen, are designed by ceramics artists who create and glaze their vases by hand. This makes them special in their own right.

Sierra Yip-Bannicq – Brooklyn-based designer and ceramist

Sierra focuses on learning new crafts and techniques from all over the globe which have helped shaped her designs.

Molly Berger – Artist-in-Residence at the Carbondale Clay Center in Carbondale, CO

Berger attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for two years as a post-bacc student in ceramics.