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It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario

Winner of a MacArthur Genius Grant and a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting, American photojournalist Lynsey Addario documents her life and experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Lebanon and the Congo as well as her kidnapping by pro-Qaddafi forces in the Libyan civil war. As a witness to life on the front lines, Addario shows the true human costs of war.

The Orpheus Clock: The Search for My Family’s Art Treasures Stolen by the Nazis by Simon Goodman

Determined to restore his grandparents’ vast stolen art collection and their legacy, Goodman discovered that much of their collection (including works by Degas, Renoir, Botticelli, Guardi) had gone to Hitler and Hermann Goering. Proving that many works belonged to his family, Goodman initiated the first Nazi looting case to be settled in the United States and the first major restitution in The Netherlands.

33 Artists in Three Acts by Sarah Thornton

A behind-the-scenes look at 33 contemporary artists’ politics, kinship, and craft. Thornton visits with Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Cindy Sherman, Andrea Fraser, as well as Laurie Simmons, Carroll Dunham, and their daughters Lena and Grace. A stunning collection that peeks into various artists’ psyches, gives insight into their personas, and uncovers their daily habits and inspirations.

The Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman

On the tropical island of St. Thomas in the early 1800s, a young woman marries a widower with three children to save her father’s business. When her husband dies, she begins a scandalous love affair that affects her entire family, including her favorite son, painter Camille Pissarro—the Father of Impressionism.

The Art of the Con: The Most Notorious Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries in the Art World by Anthony M. Amore

Through interviews, court documents and investigations that eventually led to the con men’s capture, read about the untold stories of some of history’s most notorious art cons; scams so convincing and involving such incredible sums of money, they are shocking in their boldness and success.