Insta-Inspire 51

Here at Lifestyle Publications we follow hundreds of Instagram accounts. There are some, however, that we Insta-Stalk. These locals and artist are inspiring and their post are authentic. We think you should head over to Instagram immediately after reading these three profiles and give them a click, because they are totally worthy of the follow.



*<{Nature du jour}>* || botanicals || art || design ||

Worthy of the Follow:

Holland is inspirational in so many ways. She is a true artist in every way, a painter and illustrator, but what captured our eye was her botanical art that she captures at the peek of each bloom she works with.

“Working with the ephemeral medium of living flowers as paintings is a meditative practice analogous to Buddhist sand paintings. I try to capture their fleeting beauty at the height of their bloom with photography. I work in oil, collage and wood assemblage as well.”

”I’m perpetually inspired by the wilderness, attempting to capture the serenity in nature. My work has evolved from two dimensions to creating more sculptural works with natural materials.”



husband, father of four // photographer & woodsman // i get bored easily but don’t stay there long // living in colorado.

Worthy of the Follow: 
Jarrod’s post are notting short of authentic. Each picture shows who he is in such a humble way. We love how his creatively shows his personally through photography and his love for woodworking.

 “Love while you still have time.”



A collection of contemporary textiles from international designers.

Worthy of the follow: 
Jessica’s Instagram feed is focused on textiles, design, interiors and travel. It’s simply breath-taking to scroll through her feed.  She is an Australian native who lives and works in Boulder. It would be a dream to attend one of her textile/design tours she leads in India and Japan. She will be taking a group of Colorado women to India this February and March.

“I’m fascinated by material culture. I am inspired by travel and I love exploring traditional crafts in places that I visit. In the American southwest, for instance, I’m intrigued by the Navajo and Rio Grande weaving traditions. In Japan, I’ve enjoyed learning about shibori and katazome dyeing.”

”I’m excited by designers who create innovative, contemporary products in collaboration with traditional artisans and with respect to old techniques and traditions. I love connecting people to these designers.”