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“Organic” and “natural” are words that have made their way into every super market, specialty shop and household in Boulder and Boulder County, and their significance is undeniable among the people of Boulder. Julie Perington and Jen Zrubeck of jlounge Spa agree with the rest of Boulder and are proud to introduce their 100 percent organic, wildcrafted line of skincare products to their Spa guests, and soon-to-be in the cyber world as well. There are plenty of great skin care lines out there but the ladies of jlounge wanted to create products that were unique to them and to their clientele.

“We wanted to create a line that we could count on, that we knew was completely organic,” says Perington.

Every ingredient is hand selected to ensure it comes from natural, sustainable, organic or wildcrafted sources. Perington and Zrubeck source as much as possible locally from U.S. farms to reduce their carbon footprint, but acknowledge that some ingredients need to be sourced globally. Jlounge is committed to social, environmental and business sustainability as well as transparency and are eager to share a peak into their favorite products.

Lip Balm, Peppermint or Grapefruit

The rumor about lip balm is that once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop, but what if the lip balm you were using actually did its job? The lip balm at jlounge is carefully blended with Vitamin C and A which are high in anti oxidants leaving your lips truly feeling quenched and protected.

Colloidal Silver Toner with Geranium Rose

With the increasingly gentle options for a daily skin cleanser, toner has taken a back seat in many people’s daily beauty routines. Toner shouldn’t be overlooked anymore. Jlounge created a toner that combines the curative powers of colloidal silver (a natural mineral) with the soothing properties of lavender to keep skin soft, healthy and radiant. The combination of the germ-fighting properties that promote cellular rejuvenation of the colloidal silver with the geranium rose hydrosol, which is well known for its ability to balance dry and oily skin types, as well as hormonal swings is foolproof.

Coconut Shea Love Butter (Also in Simply Shea and Shea Coconut Lavender)

Colorado has shown us season after season, and year after year that its dry climate can be merciless. For me, body lotion or cream is mandatory in my daily routine and jlounge has created the perfect solution to keeping moisture in, without leaving me smelling like a perfume shop. Their Love Butter is 100 percent organic shea and coconut blended together for healing any and all areas of the body without a scent. If you prefer a light perfume, opt for Shea Coconut Lavender.

Honey Pear Sugar Body Polish

The name alone is enough to make you want to grab a jar and jump in the shower. This body polish is an organic specialty of the Southwest, where wildcrafted honey is mixed with pear blossom extract, which serves as a natural exfoliant and an excellent alternative to salt. The natural sugar sloughs off dead skin cells without stinging.

Sunshield SPF 30

A common myth is that sunscreen isn’t necessary during the winter, but us Coloradans know the real truth. The dry winter months combined with the bright sun is the perfect recipe for skin damage. Sunshield SPF 30 is optimal for sensitive or traumatized skin and even safe for the kiddos. A true broad spectrum UVA/UVB is tinted with mica to give the skin the perfect glow and is even PABA and fragrance-free.

Intensive Eye Smoothing Treatment

The Intensive Eye cream is creamy, refreshing and nutritiously balanced for your eyes. This eye treatment includes shea and cocoa butters, Vitamin E and C, plus Japanese green tea to help combat free radicals. The exceptional line smoothing comes from a phytosteroid complex of wild yam and soya for enhanced wrinkle reduction. Shakespeare once said “eyes are the window to the soul,” and the ladies of jlounge firmly believe we should treat them that way.

Nourishing Facial Oil

It’s a new year and you have your resolutions in order, including taking careful care of your skin. This is the perfect way to give your face a fresh start with a blend of essential oils of rose, neroli, and carrot seed in jojoba oil. The oil creates a layer of moisture without being too thick or oily, and who knows, maybe it will even leave your skin feeling a year younger, allowing you to cross off one of those resolutions!

Blueberry Antioxidant Mask

For me, spa days happen less frequently than I’d prefer but it’s products like the Blueberry Antioxidant Mask that allows me to take the spa home with me. The ladies of jlounge take all the antioxidant power of New Mexico’s organic blueberries with white tea and infuse it into the skin which removes dry, dead cells with fruit acids. The perfect blend of butters and moisture binders plump your skin and gives you a fresh, dewy glow.