Food: There's An App For That 2

It’s no surprise that food-related apps have sprung out of Boulder considering the city’s culinary creativity alongside its entrepreneurial spirit in the tech sector. An intersection of the city’s diverse food scene and innovative tech focus, food-related apps fostered in Boulder continue to grow in popularity, reach and focus.

Here is a peek at what some of Boulder’s best homegrown food apps.


Scroll through your Instagram feed and I’d wager that a photo of a mouth-watering food dish appears within seconds.

“The food movement has blown up in so many different ways,” says Jim Heekin, co-founder of Luncher.  “Social media is a big part of that.”

Taking photos of our food is a phenomenon that Luncher, an app that pits lunchgoers across the nation against each other in a daily competition for “Top Lunch,” takes to the next level.

Targeted mainly at working people in urban areas, Luncher users submit a photo of their lunch then vote on that day’s most appetizing lunch. Turning eating lunch into a competitive venture, the app pushes users to be bold and adventurous in their lunch choices.

With about 400 people participating on the app each day (between 100-200 of them submit photo entries) Heekin sees an even wider application for Luncher in the future.

Falling Fruit

Falling Fruit has grown significantly since its humble Boulder beginnings in March 2013. Having grown from a local to an international database, Falling Fruit consolidates information from cities and users to create a comprehensive edible map of where foragers can find food-bearing plants within their own cities.

Launching a mobile app to supplement their website in June 2015 to facilitate growth was a clear next step for the 
app’s founders.

“We want people to interact with the giant base of edible plants that we’ve created,” says Ethan Welty, co-founder of Falling Fruit.

Users can now add more accurate, real time data and observations to the map on-the-go, making it an even more comprehensive resource. Falling Fruit also aims to encourage beginners to explore the opportunities abundant in the natural food that surrounds them.

Nourished Grain-Free Recipes

Being a foodie while dealing with dietary restrictions can be challenging, especially when you want to find stomach growl-inducing recipes that fit your needs. Solving this problem for people on grain-free diets, Michele Spring, creator of Nourished Grain-Free Recipes, designed an app in 2013 that takes the grain-free lifestyle and makes it accessible and exciting for users.
Drawing from personal experience living with a grain-free lifestyle, Spring hopes to educate users with bountiful grain-free recipes. The myriad ways you can search through the catalog of information to find recipes to fit your needs encourages users to be excited about their options.