Enhancing Life Through Fitness: Boulder CrossFit 3

Some days being a non-pro-adventure-climber-triathlete-marathon-runner makes you feel in the minority when you live in Boulder. While the truth of the matter is that many of us might not get paid to train, most of us want to look like we do! Luckily Gary Berg is here to help. He opened Boulder CrossFit three years ago because of his strong passion for teaching and coaching CrossFit methodologies. He’s avid about “enhancing everyday life.”

“CrossFit is old-fashioned weight lifting and cardio mixed together. It’s also about a sense of belonging and community. When you come into the gym and everyone is trying to get better—together—that’s what it’s all about,” Berg says.

Workouts are high in intensity and constantly varied. Movements mimic those found in every day life, yet they’re performed quickly and some are even completed with weights.

“We keep the weights very light until you’re really good at it to keep it safe. Safety trumps everything that we do,” Berg says.

Classes are kept small to help aid in community building and range from 3-12 people at a time.

“Sometimes you’ll see advanced athletes help assist the rookies,” Berg says.

He goes on to add that his gym is unlike a traditional one; there are no mirrors or machines. And when they say CrossFit is for everyone, they mean it. From couch potatoes and cubical dwellers to active athletes, all are welcome. In fact, Boulder CrossFit even has a large population of members who are over 55.

Take Carol for instance. She’s 72-years-old and started doing CrossFit when her son was in town visiting; he was a regular member back in his home base of Texas. He brought her in one day for a workout and then gifted her a three-month membership.

“After about a month, you could see this paradigm shift in her and her mindset just changed,” Berg says. “She wanted to climb to the top of our rope, but had never done that before—not even in elementary school.”

So they put together a plan for Carol and little by little she started learning how to climb up safely. After three months of steady training, she did it.

“Everyone in the room could feel the emotion of what that meant to her,” Berg says. “To see Carol do that, that’s what CrossFit is about. She was glowing; it’s impacted her life.”

Boulder CrossFit

2480 49th St.