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What MediQI Energetics Can Bring to Life Balance

Boulder is a place where people value balance. This could be balance between a multitude of life’s aspects: their work, play, home life, relationships and health. Or simply their overall wellbeing, and any other factor in their multifaceted lives. People strive to find this balance in a variety of ways, whether it be through yoga, hiking, biking to work happy hours, socializing at local restaurants, and escaping to the Front Range.

Luckily for Boulderites, Boulder is a hot spot for creative and innovative new businesses. One such business, MediQI Energetics, is focused on helping individuals achieve their most balanced personal state through their organically grown, CBD-infused products, aiming to use hemp’s natural properties to encourage overall wellbeing.

“MediQI Energetics has developed a CBD-infused hemp product line based on CBD Science,” says Cherie Arnold, owner and founder of MediQI Energetics.

CBD is the main cannabinoid in the hemp plant and is different from THC, the compound attributed to causing a high when consumed. CBD, unlike THC, does not have psychoactive properties.

“The pure CBD extract in the product line is perfect for the Boulder lifestyle,” says Arnold. “The company’s mission is to help people get healthy, not high.”

CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant and activates receptors within the body at the cellular level according to numerous studies, often resulting in extra energy, reduction of stress, encouragement of overall physiological balance, and the reduction of inflammation, which is often the cause of many other diseases and health issues. Once extracted from the hemp plant, CBD can be implemented into products including functional food, topical treatments such as balms, and other cosmetic products. With the health benefits of hemp noted in texts from ancient times to the modern day, early clinical research points to potential benefits of CBD in treating dementia, improving sleep, and assisting with pain management, amongst other benefits.

With 20+ years of experience developing products in the health, wellness and beauty industries, Arnold believes that the plant-based proprietary blend that she has created for MediQI’s products will help people to be healthy and maintain an overall balance in their sometimes hectic lives, both mentally and physiologically.

MediQi held its beta launch this October and the products will be available in limited edition for the holiday season on their online store at MediQIEnergetics.com. Follow MediQI Energetics on Facebook and on Twitter at @Mediqicbdprime to learn more about CBD, hemp products and how they can attribute to complete health, wellbeing and equilibrium.