Who: Dave Query

What: Founder of Big Red F Restaurants

1. The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide To Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All by Richard Betts.

Boulder dweller R. Betts has done it again with his newest book. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves good brown spirits and wants to learn more.

2. Light and Motion – Commuter Combo Light.

Give the gift that keeps one livingAnyone you know who rides a bike, needs a light, cause every night, it gets dark. Crazy! This is a great one – strong lumens in front, blinker in the back. Available at University Bikes.

3. Brush Creek Cane Fly Rod

These handmade cane rods are a legacy gift – something to be passed on for generations. Bad-ass little creek sticks that will never disappoint. Frank Drummond is a master craftsman.

4. The “I’m Not Buying Gifts But Instead Donating to a Non-Profit This Year” Gift –  There With Care.

Founder Paula DuPre and her crew at TWC are doing amazing work for Colorado families during the times of critical medical challenges of their children.

5. Self-Indulgent Stocking Stuffer for your Spouse – $250 Frontier Airlines Gift Card.

Kids are covered, work is fine, you and yours go to DIA with two days to spare. Pull up the Frontier Departures and decide what town you’re gonna go to that you’ve never been to before. Big fun – Total adventure.

6. Monthly Wine Club – Boulder Wine Merchant.

Meet with Owner/Master Sommelier – Brett Zimmerman. Different prices – Different styles. These guys get access to wine that isn’t available to us in the 303 – delivered to your door.

7. The Most Difficult Aunt, Mother, Hard to Buy For Person with Fine Taste Gift – Bay Leaf On Pearl.

The most interesting, hard to find, thoughtful and eclectic gifts around. You will find something they love.

1. Your favorite holiday tradition?

Going up and sitting in the star on Flagstaff. Used to do it a bunch with the kids when they were little. Now, it’s something Dana and I like to do. You gotta time it right, cause sometimes there’s a ton of people up there. But when you get it all to yourself, with a mug of something hot, it’s Christmas fantastical.

2. What are you cooking up this year?

There’s usually a big crowd at the Christmas dinner table at our house. I think this year we’re gonna do a big smoked ham, cornbread stuffing, yam pudding, maple baked butter beans, brussels sprouts and slaw. And some of that delicious Post Brewing Co. Cherry Pie for dessert launching everyone onto the couch for nappy football games.

3. Your favorite holiday movie?

I don’t know how it started, I think with my dad when I was young and now my boys have continued the tradition – but we always seem to watch the most inappropriately violent and dark movies on Christmas Day. I’m sure it will be no different this year.