Waiting for the snow to fall.

For climbers, bikers and runners, the warm fall temperatures have undoubtedly been welcomed with joy. Snow sports enthusiasts, however, are likely feeling the snow will never reach us.

Last winter was especially memorable for me. My 5-year-old son strapped on skis for the first time. Ever since he was born, I pictured in my mind what it would be like to ski with my kids. I’ve been fortunate to have some incredible powder days under my belt, but going out with Auggie for the first time definitely took the cake. As the ski resorts along I-70 have become incredibly difficult to get to in a reasonable time frame, the close proximity of Eldora is a huge blessing.

After recently welcoming our fourth child into the world, I know my days on the hill will be fewer than they used to be, but I am ok with that. I’m just biding my time. It won’t be long at all before all my little rippers are following Dad down the hill, bombing down steeps, and laughing so hard in knee deep powder that our guts all hurt.

Wherever your winter adventure takes you, make the most of every turn, jump, climb and breath of clean mountain air.

Andy Manz, Publisher