The Science of Sleep 1

Taking Stock in Your Sleep


“How did you sleep last night?”

We have all found ourselves asking this question, whether it be to our colleagues in the morning, our kids when they come downstairs for breakfast, or to guests staying in our spare bedroom. We highly value the sleeping experience of others, but we often don’t translate that to prioritizing it for ourselves. From teenagers measuring who can stay up the latest to busy professionals who think their only option for energy sustenance is daily caffeine overload, the majority of people don’t realize that lack of sleep can be the root of many other health problems. Vyga Kaufmann, Ph.D. and Natalie Whiteford, Ph.D. of Summit Behavioral Sleep Medicine here in Boulder, are here to educate the community and prove that quality, restorative sleep is an attainable luxury that everyone can enjoy.

“We are Boulder’s only clinic specializing in the field of behavioral sleep medicine,” says Kaufmann.

Kaufmann and Whiteford are both licensed clinical psychologists and the founding partners of Summit Behavioral Sleep Medicine (“Summit Sleep”). The pair met while earning their doctorates in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. Upon recognizing that issues with sleep were often the top dominoes in a series of other health and quality of life issues their patients were experiencing, they opened Summit Sleep about one year ago. Kaufmann and Whiteford believe that, when a patient’s sleep problems are remedied, their lives can be transformed.

Treatment at Summit Sleep is a highly scientific, personalized option for people who have conditions like chronic insomnia. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, or CBT-I, is a powerful treatment that is effective in the long run and encourages a healthy lifestyle versus a quick fix.

“Each prescription is tailored to each person and what they’re bringing into the session,” says Whiteford.

“Behavioral prescriptions” are given based on a patient’s circumstances to help them recalibrate their ability to sleep well. Kaufmann and Whiteford pride themselves on their specialized sleep training and serving as motivators for patients, encouraging them to take ownership of their sleep quality. From the initial assessment to the ongoing data tracking, Summit Sleep is dedicated to the science of sleep, being a community resource, and using principles firmly rooted in science to get their patients’ sleep on track.

“People shouldn’t need anything other than a comfortable place to sleep in order to sleep well,” Kaufmann says.


Patients successfully treated at Summit Sleep leave with an understanding of their nuanced sleep issues and with the skill set and support to transform their sleep quality.

Whether you are an elite Boulder athlete looking to have more energy to push your physical boundaries, someone looking to maximize their health in a natural, consistently beneficial way, or anyone who finds themselves requiring that third cup of coffee in the morning to be able to speak in complete sentences, visiting Summit Sleep in Boulder can help.

For more information about Summit Sleep, visit their website at or call them at 303.284.5149.