Patti Danzig with William Ohs Showrooms gave us her expert opinion on the resurfacing of wallpaper. A trend that’s here to stay thanks to modern updates and tips.

I fell in love with wallpaper 20+ years ago in the height of the Waverly heyday when everything was a large floral scale in either burgundy, navy blue or forest green. The worst part was not the papering but the removal of three coats of unprimed paper with a “paper tiger” and a garden hose. Luckily, times have changed!  Papering fell out of style for many years, but we have seen its return in many classy and elegant forms. And with its return, many questions on how to use it best.

What wallpaper do I choose for 
a timeless look?

Simply put, grasscloth. Even during the years when many designers were not using wallpaper, grasscloth still held its ground. It adds more of a texture and sheen compared to a pattern, and that is why it is loved all over the world. This is not for the DIY’er because any glue that lands on its expensive surface ruins it.  Hire an expert! And understand that the seams really show because it is a natural product. This is not the right choice for a high humidity room like a bath.

Patti’s Pick: Thibault Shangri La Grasscloth

What are the best rooms for wallpaper?

Some spaces naturally lead to adding a “punch” of design.  The powder room is a small space that you can add many layers of colorful or textured accents without seeming overdone.  Riveted wallpaper and metallics make a small space very luxurious.

Patti’s Picks: Phillip Jeffries “Copper on Elephant Manilla Hemp” with Rivets. For a colorful room: Graham and Brown’s Alannah Teal/Silver.

Other areas that lend themselves 
to papering are:

• Master closets and baths: Try doing one stand-out accent wall or the entire room.

• Accent walls framed out with molding in a nursery: The paper can easily be replaced as your children get older.

• Entire dining rooms with mural panels: Think big budget here.

• Brightening a laundry with a beautiful floral: We spend a lot of time in the laundry room—why not have an inviting space that’s welcoming and makes you smile?


Patti’s Pick:  For a luxurious master bath: Osbourne and Little Turquino paired with a light grey cabinet and polished nickel sconces and hardware.

And finally, when it comes to installation, 
do I go pro or DIY?

If you are using a small pattern, grasscloth or other difficult to handle paper, go pro. If you have textured walls, go pro. It will make your life easier! If you have patience, smooth walls and an eye for detail, then hanging wallpaper will be a breeze.  Just make sure to get help at the wallpaper store in order to understand single versus double roll and how much paper to order. You don’t want to end up with a seam in the middle of the wall.

With so many designs, patterns, colors and textures there is a wallpaper out there for any room or style. Happy hunting.

William Ohs Showrooms