Facing Fall with Alchemy | Rose 6


Fall Makeup Looks 2015

• Romantica Pressed Matte Blush – This duo is simply perfect when used alone or together. Dust across the cheeks to create a natural fall flush.

  • Indian Summer Matte Bronzer – Bronzing is not just a thing of the summer… Bronzing this fall and winter will bring a sun-kissed look to your skin and bring definition to your makeup.
  • BB Cream – This hydrating formulation gives the skin an even coverage without that “foundation” look.  You can wear on its own for a natural look or add mineral powder on top to create a more flawless coverage.
  • Apricot Toast Eyeshadow – This natural peachy shimmer brings light to any eye color. Dust across the lid and add your favorite liner for a simple and stunning look.

    Skincare Necessities for Fall 2015

    • Oma Serum #2 – This balancing moisture serum energizes skin, boosting cellular regeneration while restoring hydration and softness.

    •  Forest Mint Gentle Foaming Cleanser – This lightweight silken cleanser effortlessly lifts away dull surface cells, makeup and environmental pollutants while pampering sensitive complexions.

    • Derma Buff Exfoliant – Dermabuff is a light exfoliating scrub with microdermabrasion crystal to smooth the skin surface and improve product absorption, while minimizing pore appearance and softening fine lines.

    •  Botanical Toning Mist – Mist over skin to balance refresh and beautify skin. Much needed in Colorado’s dry winter months.


    Accessory Necessities for Fall 2015

    • Valbaara Clutch  $98

  • Gold Cuff  $124
  • Star Earrings   $72
  • Mixed Metal Necklace   $32
  • The hustle and bustle of life has often forced us women to compromise on beauty routines, products and an overall sense of being pampered, but the women of the newly opened Alchemy | Rose envision a life where women can indulge in a healthy beauty routine without sacrificing their entire day.

    Bre Ortola and Elizabeth Rose make up Alchemy | Rose. Their friendship started more than three years ago, but their partnership started on August 31st, when they opened their new space up to the public. What previously had been Rubicon hair salon, is now the modern, tranquil and enchanting space that Alchemy | Rose occupies.  The space is split between a face bar, where you can satisfy all skin care needs, and a clothing boutique, where you can find the perfect top, clutch or accessory to complete your outfit for your plans that very evening.  What makes Alchemy | Rose unique is their ability to provide their clients with the ultimate experience of combining beauty and fashion, allowing everyone to leave feeling refreshed and beautiful.

    Both women have been experts in their industries for years. Elizabeth describes Bre as “loyal, savvy and a very smart business-woman,” and Bre describes Elizabeth as “vivacious, positive and excited about all that she does, especially her work.” They are the ultimate duo for promoting a healthy and stylish lifestyle for the women of Boulder.