dan's picks 8


Who: Dan Vardamis

What: Sales Manager at Neptune Mountaineering, Instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School and Outdoor Enthusiast

Where: Boulder

1. Lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. – In the winter, my wife and I go for a morning “dawn patrol” backcountry ski in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. My ski of choice is the lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. It’s light for going quickly uphill and wide enough to enjoy the deepest powder. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.
2. My Dale Hemsedal Masculine Sweater – After work, it’s time to polish up and head out on date night. My favorite top is my Dale Sweater. These things are pure class, hand knit in Norway and made of Norwegian wool. And I’ve been known to ski in it from time-to-time, especially on date skis where I want to look classy! Available at Neptune Mountaineering.
3. Gransfor Bruks Splitting Maul – It’s handmade in Sweden, simply gorgeous, and, like many of my items, can be purchased at Neptune Mountaineering.
4. Suunto Ambit 3 – My watch tracks the time at work and also has a GPS and heart rate monitor for detailed tracking of my workouts. It’s called the Suunto Ambit 3 and is made in Finland. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.


5. Sklar Mountain Bike – In the summer time I’ll bike trails down to work, or at the very least sneak out for a lunch ride up NCAR. Adam Sklar makes beautiful, custom steel bikes in Bozeman, Montana. He’s a throwback to the day where you knew the person who built your stuff, and he knows his stuff. SklarBikes.com.

6. Hyperlite Mountain Gear Summit Pack – I use one pack for skiing, biking, commuting to work and taking our groceries home. Their packs are made of Cuben Fiber, a material used for sailboat sails. It’s light, strong and simple. I own a number of their packs, but my daily go-to is the Summit Pack. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.



7. Ibex Seventeen.5 T – So as to not offend my co-workers, I wear a lot of wool. The Merino wool from Ibex is super comfortable and essentially odor free. Ibex is a Vermont company. As a stand alone for hiking, biking or running, a base layer for backcountry skiing and a work shirt for a casual gear shop environment, I’ll choose the Seventeen.5 T. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.