BEER Of The Month

New Planet Launches Gluten-reduced Beers

New Planet is staying relevant amidst the changing face of the gluten-free industry. In recent weeks, the brewery unveiled its newest line of beer, only the two styles aren’t gluten-free like the rest of its line; they are gluten-reduced.

New Planet’s traditional gluten-free beers are brewed entirely from naturally gluten-free ingredients from start to finish. Its gluten-reduced beers are brewed with barley, but have been specially crafted to remove gluten to non-detectable levels (<10ppm). By introducing a unique enzyme to break down the gluten, it nearly eliminates it. This method of reduction retains as much traditional character as possible. Gluten-reduced beers offer a great alternative in response to market demand, which in turn make New Planet’s beer more relevant to everyone.

Tread Lightly and Seclusion IPA are the two gluten-reduced beers now available, and are both session style beers. Tread Lightly is a light cream ale, which is slightly hoppier than a more traditional cream ale. (Think summer ale you’d want to drink all year round.) Its delicate citrus taste is crispy and clean. This well-balanced, easy drinking ale pairs well with meals that lean on the lighter side, such as seafood dishes and salads.

Seclusion IPA has a light breadiness and is balanced with tropical fruit and a floral character. This four-times hopped India Pale Ale is brewed with light malts and then dry hopped, which gives it a hop-forward citrus note. It’s robust and aromatic with just a touch of bitterness, which goes well with ethnic foods (fajitas and curries), steaks or salty side dishes.

Forgoing the bottle, the beers are packaged in aluminum cans for enhanced portability—ideal to crack open after a hike or long bike ride through the Rockies. Both are 4.9 percent ABV. Gluten-reduced is the perfect option for people trying to decrease their gluten intake. Tread Lightly and Seclusion IPA are great-tasting, refreshing alternatives to traditionally brewed, standard beers. They’re in bars and on shelves now so check them out at your favorite spot and bottoms up all my GF and GR friends!