In the midst of this issue’s magnificent photo shoot for our feature story, someone asked if this was really how things went down at my wedding. It was hard not to laugh out loud. My response, was “no.”

As many brides can likely attest, wedding day can be extremely stressful. The whirlwind of the day’s events can often overshadow the ceremony’s true purpose. Leaving it to the pros is certainly one way to avoid some of the unforeseen chaos that comes with the territory. That was a mistake I made in not hiring a wedding planner.

Here in Boulder County, we are fortunate to have amazing natural backdrops, venues and some of the most talented professionals in the business. I was able to work with some of these vendors during a styled shoot at the Highlands City Club. I was blown away by all their talent and how they worked in concert to compose inspirations, love stories and wonderful details to ensure you enjoy each page.  

For any soon-to-be brides or grooms reading, here is my advice:  After all the “thank you’s,” hand-shaking, dancing, posing and caveats of wedding day, gather all of your envelopes with your new spouse, go to your hotel room, kick off your shoes and order pizza from room service.

On the cover:

Styled shoot at the historic Highland City Club where some of Boulders’ best wedding vendors collaborated to inspire our readers.

Photography by Rebecca Caridad