Month of Modern

Yes, it is true. The trends in modern design have definitely gone mainstream – and that is a good thing. Even fast food restaurants are re-facing their traditional storefronts with modern aesthetics. Of course, this doesn’t make them any more appetizing for most of us, but at least now they are easier to look at.

Growing up on a lake in the midwest, I was a huge fan of the rustic, fishing lodge style of home design. If there wasn’t a dead animal over the stone fireplace, something was not right. I can vividly recall an old lake cabin being torn down across the lake, and being replaced by a contemporary style home. I was furious! How could someone want a white concrete box for a lake home? Fortunately, the more I was exposed to modern design style, the more I have grown to enjoy it.

With fall settling in, the temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing, and awesome new beer releases are hitting the market. Throw in fantasy football and stellar mountain biking weather, and this is my favorite season of the year.

From our family to yours,

Andy Manz, Publisher