Four Noses Brewery 2

Hops and Hounds

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

Four Noses Brewery is just that. What started during a family trip to Ireland has made its way back to the States as a family-run, dog-friendly brewery in the heart of Colorado’s Front Range. The original “four noses” of the operation are owner Tommy Bibliowicz, brother David, mom and dad. Of course, growth is essential to any operation, and the addition of Tommy’s wife Megan makes the nose count currently five (human noses, that is).

Located just off Wadsworth Parkway in Broomfield, Four Noses sits at the far end of a very dog-centric cluster of businesses. The spacious patio, complete with a fire pit perfect for every Colorado evening, backs up to a small grassy incline. Backyard meets brewery at Four Noses; add in the visiting food trucks and prepare to be transported from suburbia into a hop-infused utopia.

All beer concoctions are developed by Bibliowicz and brewer Charles Noll. Taps change regularly and by season. Embracing Colorado’s Palisade Peach bounty, the Peachopotamus Ale and Peachopotamus on Habaneros were huge summer hits. But, a slight modification to a Bob Dylan quote yields, “the beers they are a-changin,” and fall will offer a new range of taps from which to choose.

Almost as integral to the brewery as, well…beer, are the canine companions. Bibliowicz recounted a hike Megan and he took with their three dogs, Mash, Porter and Dakota, to explore one of Colorado’s hot springs. When they reached the trailhead, they found the disheartening “No Dogs Allowed” sign that any fan of the four-legged knows so well. The lack of inclusion bothered both Tommy and Megan, and the group turned around. Thus, Four Noses is 100 percent dog friendly. As in, not just the patio, or the parking lot, but the taproom as well.

Bibliowicz says his favorite aspect of their business is watching their ideas come to fruition. With two of the four “noses” in architecture, design comes in at number two following only the beer. A quick visit to the website ( shows how true that is. Hand-drawn visuals accompany the “On Tap” listings as well as the food truck schedules, making a point-and-click seem like a visit to an art museum. All branding is done in-house including the labels affixed to the cans distributed from the brewery.

Distribution is the word of the year for the Four Noses crew. Since February of 2015, Four Noses has released eight varieties of their beers in cans. More will follow come fall and winter, allowing the brew crew to expand their ways of getting their craft to customers.

When asked to pick a favorite, Tommy Bibliowicz comes right out and says it’s “impossible.” Each batch brewed at Four Noses is individually crafted by brewers based on what they love to drink. Each change of season, meal and even feeling influences which beer is fit for a particular moment. “At the end of the day, everything here is brewed with the mind set: this is the beer we want to drink, and hopefully there are people out there that agree,” says Bibliowicz. Bravo.

“At the end of the day,” says Bibliowicz, “everything here is brewed with the mindset: This is the beer we want to drink, and hopefully there are people out there that agree.”

8855 W. 116 Circle, Ste. 4