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Alpine Modern Cafe

The immediate juxtaposition between the modest stonewalled exterior against the stunning, white modern interior makes this small, but mighty coffee shop instantaneously stand out from the crowd. Having opened just a few short months ago in mid-summer, Alpine Modern Café has already made a name for itself.

This doesn’t come as a surprise though. The growing Alpine Modern brand’s mission is to elevate the modern design and lifestyles of mountain communities around the world. You may have noticed people around Boulder reading Alpine Modern Magazine or sporting one of its wool hats or daypacks from its apparel line. Founder Lon McGowan’s distinctive look blends architecture, design and functionality and marries it to warmth—all of which are very apparent in the café building’s remodel that McGowan spearheaded. It’s all about clean lines and contrast, but in an approachable way.

“It was all very collaborative, even down to the milk pitchers. The systems put in place behind the bar make crafting great coffee easier, leading to the customer interaction being the center of focus,” says assistant manager of the café Abigail Baum.

That intention and thought behind each product and item is evident—seen in the amber colored, reusable coffee bean jars. Cherry-picked purveyors include Huckleberry Roasters and Middlestate Coffee, who café managers Alex and Abigail Baum had strong relationships with from working at a previous cafe.

“We get to handpick things that we know people do well. The fact that bigger roasters were willing to work with us when we said we wanted to change their bag…it really gets us excited about all the vendors we’re using,” says Baum.

Despite its modern interior, the café itself is anything but stiff. No, sir, it’s quite the contrary—incredibly warm and welcoming—charming even. The barn-like ceiling, crisp white walls, large artistic light fixture, beautifully handcrafted walnut furniture—to name a few—all work in tandem to create a light and airy feel. You’ll find a large community table topped with a succulent centerpiece. Contemporary artwork adds little pops of color. And the service behind the counter is undeniably friendly.

Popular food options offered include breakfast items such as the Six-Minute Egg Tartine ($5.90) and Yogurt and Granola ($5.90). Items served after 11 a.m. include the Quinoa Salad ($6.90) and Smoked Salmon Baguette ($11.50). Tip: Hikers have been grabbing their ready-to-go, sacked baguettes before heading on a hike further up the road at Chautauqua. Drinks vary from Espresso ($2.90) to Chemex ($3.90), which is brewed in an hourglass-shaped flask made entirely of glass as well as unique tea offerings like Misty Forest ($3.50) made of a mint, blackcurrant and ginger blend.

“It’s become a piece in our neighbors’ lives already and in the community,” says Baum. No small feat for a brand new coffee shop. It’s a great spot to grab a bite and linger.

904 College Ave.