Cottonwood Custom Builders 14

A Green Home Built to Last

esigned with sustainability in mind, this beautiful home was built in line with the two owners’ deep respect for the environment as well as their active outdoor lifestyle. A collaboration between Cottonwood Custom Builders and HMH Architecture + Interiors, this Colorado Modern style home uses warm, sculptural materials and forms. A curved roof helps it fit into the landscape and maintain an organic feel, while the indoor/outdoor design plays up the area’s gorgeous weather, stunning views and distinct lifestyle.

“When you’re in that living room, you feel like you’re out in open space. It’s just incredible,” says Cottonwood Custom Builders President Jeff Hindman.

“This is a house that we deconstructed, really before anyone was doing that,” says Hindman.

Hindman goes on to say that along with the teardown, a $30K contribution to ReSource was made of recyclable and reclaimed materials that were spared from landfills.

“Ten years ago people thought being green was ordering bamboo from China,” says Hindman. “Now one of the greatest things you can do is to order local.”

And that’s exactly what they did. Locally sourced Colorado flagstone was used on the exterior and, in fact, the majority of materials were not only sourced locally, but also made from recycled, sustainable or reclaimed materials. For example, the wood flooring throughout most of the home was made from old railroad ties. You can still see the square holes where spikes had been drilled through, bringing in a slightly rustic design. Concrete was also purchased nearby and poured to create sleek countertops throughout and a beautiful modern hearth.

Solar panels on the roof provide all of the electrical requirements and a Coolerado evaporative system keeps the home cool with minimal energy consumption. A high efficiency boiler produces radiant heat. And the house is sealed with foam insulation to create an airtight envelope. During the hot summer months, a custom designed steel trellis equipped with deep overhangs shades the high performance windows to help minimize the cooling load on the house.

Hindman adds, “It took one month for demolition and 10 months to build. We finished right on time and on budget.”

Hindman also got creative with salvaging methods. In order to preserve two patios in the back of the home, they buried them in mounds of dirt and then after working on the top for six-plus months, they unearthed them. Still in great shape, they incorporated new white flagstone patios to create multiple outdoor living spaces while saving loads of time and materials.

“The whole house just came together so well. In the 20 years I’ve been working, this was by far the best project.”

“Ten years ago people thought being green was ordering bamboo from China,” says Hindman. “Now one of the greatest things you can do is to order local.”