A Community Culinary Hub 3

Food Lab Boulder

Food Lab Boulder opened its doors this month. It’s the brainchild of personal chef Casey Easton, who sharpened her culinary skills through years of catering and showcasing her mouthwatering bites at farmers markets around town. Easton also is a recipe tester and food developer for Vegetarian Times.

The mission at Food Lab is to help enhance the level of culinary skills, food and wine knowledge to the community in an entertaining and informative way. Easton has purposely decided to go without a professional program; Food Lab is strictly a place for those who love food, want to learn more about it and have fun while they’re at it—say by mastering a new dish while on a date with a glass of wine in hand.

Easton wanted to have a cooking school in an exciting, relaxed environment and saw the need for a more intimate, yet casual event space in Boulder. Food Lab combines all those needs into its impeccably designed, functional dream kitchen and event space.

As a 2000+ square foot kitchen on Pearl Street, Food Lab welcomes all types of students from seasoned home chefs to new-to-cooking college kids. Even mini chefs, as young as age six, are invited inside. Hands-on classes are offered in a wide range from hog butchery to pickling and canning. Not to mention sushi, pasta, tacos, breads, salads and soups– there is something to delight the pickiest of palates. Adult classes function as one-day workshops, each three hours in length, which is nice for those with busy schedules. All end with a tasting and recipe to take home.

Teaming up with ambitious local chefs to teach classes and create unique menus for culinary-based classes, also allows them the ability to create a platform to present themselves on a broader public stage.

“All the teachers will be different. So there’s no head chef. It’s very collaborative,” says founder and creator Casey Easton.

Students who don’t want to even pick up a knife can still participate—something Easton realized throughout her years of teaching.

“Sometimes people just would rather sit back and enjoy watching the chef cook while sipping a glass of wine,” says Easton. “Demonstration dinners allow you to do just that.”

Since it’s a multi-dimensional space with a stellar kitchen setup, Food Lab has already been utilized for culinary video production. It’s also a great venue for groups and hosts corporate events, bachelorette parties, receptions, etc. You can even book it just for the space and have food platters delivered from GB Culinary or its neighbor Cured.

After years of sampling classes all over the country, Easton has appeared to assemble the right recipe for success.

“I really got to see what works best at all the places I visited. And then I got to take out those pieces I thought would work well in Boulder,” says Easton.

A community culinary hub growing roots in a foodie town. Naturally, Food Lab aims to fulfill all the unique Boulder food needs, which is music to the ears of Paleo and Gluten-Free followers. New classes and menus are constantly being added, but most three-hour lessons are $75 per person.

1825 Pearl St.