8 for Fall Fashion 4

with Elizabeth Rose

1.   J brand Johnny Boyfriend Jean

This is the year for the looser jean.  I just know it.  As a shop owner, I see TOO MANY women trying to make skinny jeans work for them, because they are afraid to venture beyond that style.  A looser fit in general is so flattering on so many shapes and sizes.  Leaving a little to the imagination is never a bad thing.  Especially with denim.

8.  Ryan Roche for J. Crew Fringe Poncho

I’m convinced that anything Ryan Roche touches turns to gold. She embodies that effortless, feminine style that I am so personally drawn to. I love that she decided to do this capsule collection with J. Crew, quite frankly because I can afford it!

3.  Linus Scout  Available at Vecchio’s.

I can’t wait to cruise into fall on this beautiful bike! The cool temps in the coming months are the perfect excuse for ditching the car and riding in style. My daughter, London, is almost big enough to join me on the back, and I have a feeling we’ll put some serious miles in before the year is over.

4.  Le Labo

This magical perfumery has yet to produce a scent I haven’t absolutely loved. The Santal 26 candle is my secret weapon when entertaining. Your house can literally be turned upside down, and all my guests can say is, “What is that amazing smell?” Ha!

5.  Ace & Jig Onesie Available at Nod & Rose Storehouse.

There is such a frenzy for anything Ace & Jig these days that I’m rarely able to get my hands on any extra pieces from my own shop!  BUT I fought for this onesie and it’s been worth every penny.  If ever a piece was created to transition from late summer to early fall, this would be it.  Just a warning for all you readers that live in Boulder.  I’m sorry in advance for how often you’ll see me in this. Ha!

6.  Nicholas K Nova Jacket  Available at Nod & Rose.

In a perfect world, I would have an entire store of Nicholas K. I’ve been a devoted fan for so long now, and every season I still get so excited when that first fall shipment arrives. His outerwear collection has such a feminine edginess to it, you can’t help but feel like a total badass when you’re wearing it…even if you’re just grocery shopping at Whole Foods.

7. GRAF & LANTZ Annie Clutch 2. Free People Jersey on the Edge bra.   Available at Eleanor.