On The desk Of 3

Who: Charlie Papazian

What: President and Founder of the Brewer Association

Where: Boulder, CO

1. Most memorable photo shoot.  Kathy Ireland in 1989 for cover of Zymurgy magazine

2. My favorite beer stein. This 40-liter beer stein – the world’s largest ever

3. The ingredient that started me homebrewing in 1970

4. My book and still go-to reference for my continued homebrewing

5. My favorite t-shirt

6. The very first craft beer, ever put into a can, my homebrew.  Brewed in my home, canned in St. Louis by Anheuser-Busch

7. Comfort in a bottle; a fermentation lock atop fermenting beer. Things are always improving each day with beer fermenting.

8. Heritage – my grandfather’s bottle capper

9. As the box says, “A brewer’s dream A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF HOPS”

10. My favorite pet – yeast