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When a Colorado summer comes around there is no reason to stay inside. That’s why Leah Colby of La Dolce Events, Chef Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly restaurant and Crystal Sagan from 3 Chicks Bartending decided to collaborate on an elegant, farm fresh dinner served right at the source.

Lone Hawk is a working farm located in a charming, secluded area just outside the City of Boulder. Colby, the event’s organizer, loves the farm’s location because of its stunning views of the Front Range and the surrounding countryside. “It’s perfect for a serene, alfresco event,” she says.

Typically when one goes out to dinner you drive to the city, in this case you are driving away. All the way down a modest dirt road until you reach a red barn, the soft glow of stringed lights and the natural serenity of farm living.

“I love Lone Hawk. The people who own the farm set the mood- relaxed, natural and fun. We utilize some of their produce and we love the setting. Such a magical spot,” says Chef Rosenberg.

The guests included family, friends and local community members who appreciate locally sourced, farm fresh food (and drinks). Crystal Sagan of 3 Chick Bartending had organic, creative cocktails from the start, and later paired wine with the four-course meal, all prepared with fresh, local ingredients. The dinner included seasonal fruits with salmon, garden-fresh lettuce and burrata, and Front Range steak.

“When I was very young, we lived in the mountains and raised goats and grew almost everything we ate. We traded with the neighbors who had chickens,” says Chef Rosenberg. “So living off the land and eating what you grow was something I learned at a very young age. I’m happy to be back on that program as an adult.”

The relaxed, outdoor setting brought individuals together where there was warmth from the fire pit and well-fed smiles. Not only was the event a success, but it also benefited Attention Homes, the non-profit organization that helps youth in crisis here in Boulder. It was a fine evening where laughter, conversation and music filled the air.

“My vision included organic, intimate, inviting, simple and local. Design inspirations came from handmade farm tables from Harvest Table Company, gorgeous floral and greenery runner from Fiori Flowers, with the warm glow of the candlelight to frame the exquisite food and drink. To round out the evening we provided little touches, like shawls and blankets for each guest, and beautiful live music,” says Colby.

All in all it was undeniably a perfect evening with fellow food lovers.

“As far as doing outdoor events, there is no better backdrop than nature, and nothing quite like enjoying the company of family and friends under the stars,” says Colby.


Farm Dinner Contributors

Dinner: Chef Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly

Planner: Leah Colby of La Dolce Events

Event Décor & Designer: Leah Colby of La Dolce Events

Cocktail & Wine Pairing: Crystal Sagan of 3 Chicks Bartending

Wine, Beer & Spirits: Suerte, Finkle and Garf, 
Jack Rabbit Hill Wines, Peak Spirits

Floral Designer: Fiori Flowers

Photographer: Heather Grey

Live Music: Kevin Watson

Tables & Chairs: Harvest Table Company

Shawls & Blankets: Splendor for your Guest

Coffee: Que’s Coffee

Non-profit Beneficiary: Attention Homes

Dinner Location: Lone Hawk Farm