Making Over Congressman Polis 3

When Allie Thielens, designer and co-founder of local clothing company NINOX, heard GQ called Colorado Congressman Jared Polis the worst-dressed man in congressional history, she did what any clothing designer would do. She reached out to him to offer a makeover.

“He’s a Boulder native and we wanted to introduce him to NINOX. We chose clothes for him that were professional enough to wear on his day-to-day instead of his traditional polo,” says Thielens.

Polis took a lighthearted approach to the whole GQ jab to begin with.

“Well, GQ apparently has it out for everything Boulder, as they called Boulder one of the 40-worst dressed cities so it really wasn’t a surprise that they called Boulder’s representative poorly dressed, too. I think Boulder has its own sense of style and the rest of the country just hasn’t caught up yet,” says Polis.

NINOX launched last October to create sophisticated apparel using the finest materials and production. The vibrant energy of the city, the free spirit of the West, and the connection between the outdoors and everyday life are sources of inspiration. It combines luxury performance fabrics with manufacturing in NYC, Los Angeles, New Jersey and Vancouver.

“It was great to have a local Boulder company help me establish a distinctly Boulder sense of style, including slacks made of water-resistant Schoeller Dryskin softshell fabric, one of the fabrics that mountaineering clothing is made from,” Polis says. “Now I won’t have to worry about my pants getting wet in those frequent DC downpours,or the recent ones we’ve had here in Boulder this year.”

In the end, we all know it’s not only about the clothes.

Polis says, “It is what’s inside that counts. Clothing shouldn’t be a distraction, but it is one of the ways that we can show creative style especially in a drab place like Washington, DC. I’ve never really spent much time on clothes, I spend a lot of my time studying testimony, reading up on issues, and being the parent of a one- and a four-year-old. Often I just grab what I can in the closet in the morning and sometimes it leads to interesting combinations. I always try to bring creative out of the box solutions to national issues, so I guess it makes sense that my attire is a bit out of the box as well.”

NINOX apparel can be found at Nod & Rose in Boulder or via its website,