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Dance Party on Wheels

Summer might be in full swing and the sunny weather may have most of us outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the gym. There’s a new spot in town that’s gaining a lot of momentum called Beat Cycle. It’s a full body workout that’s much more than just an ordinary, run of the mill spin class. Beat Cycle opened last September.

“We’re known for being a dance party on a bike,” says Hilary Cruz-Abrams who co-owns Beat Cycle with her husband, Carlos.

They founded the company after moving to Boulder from New York a few years ago and they felt frustrated they couldn’t find the same type of spin classes they had grown accustomed to attending and teaching. Hilary and Carlos met in college as varsity athletes and share a love of sports.

“We opened on University Hill partly to get the college population addicted to fitness,” says Hilary. “It’s all about the beat of the music.”

Some might says it’s also all about the lights, which are colored and reflect off a disco ball. Black lights are also used and the class is always as dimly lit as possible to alleviate any self-consciousness people might have.

“It’s a huge hit in the college community and the Boulder community at large,” says Hilary.

The indoor cycling classes are fast-paced and highly energetic. Most of the time you are not even sitting on your bike saddle. Beat Cycle offers a special ride about once a week and those come in a variety of fun like an 80s music ride, a hip-hop ride and a Justin vs. Britney class where they have a male and female instructor duke it out with tunes.

“We love the fact that we’re very positive. It’s all about fun, fitness and a hard workout. It’s very inspiring,” says Hilary.

A solid cardio workout with disco lights and music loud enough to pump through your soul, Beat Cycle seems to be the place to be if you like high-energy, high-intensity workouts. Open seven days a week. You can reserve and cancel a space in a class on its free app available in Apple and Android app stores. Plus you can ride with no hands (look mom!) and not take any nasty spills, a major bonus in my book.

Beat Cycle

1262 College Ave.