Senior Photo Advice From Real Seniors

We asked real high school seniors for advice on how they made their personalities shine in their senior portraits. Here’s what some had to say..


“Make sure your photo reflects who you are. So don’t do crazy hair or makeup or wear clothing that you wouldn’t normally wear. I think seniors should wear clothes that they already own. Buying new clothes is fun, but I ended up with several pieces of clothing that I wouldn’t wear in real life. And trust your photographer. They will be so great directing you to help you get a great photo and be comfortable in front of the camera.”


“One tip – timeless doesn’t always mean boring! Many people will say it’s important to keep your clothing basic, (no one wants to look back and regret cheesy trends, right?) but that doesn’t mean your pictures have to look like everyone else’s. You can still add your own personal flair. I think a good way to do that is to let your clothing compliment your natural shapes and colors, and don’t get too caught up in the idea that you have to find outfits that make a statement. Instead, try to make use of location, lighting and props to make your photos unique. A quaint diner paired with a blue dress and a simple cat eye makes for a dramatic and striking portrait, despite the ease of preparation.

A few tips from Photographer Molly Seeling:

– On clothing: Choose clothes that you are comfortable in and that fit you well. You don’t want to be constantly tugging at a hemline or fiddling with a strapless dress. Your clothing should be tight enough that it doesn’t look baggy or shapeless, but loose enough that it doesn’t cause the fabric to bunch or bulge in odd places when you move or sit. Try on your outfits a few days before, and make sure that you have the appropriate undergarments: a camisole for under a sheer shirt, or a strapless or nude bra, for example.

– Avoid the sun for the week before your session. Sunburns and tan lines can be tough to fix, and your photographer may charge extra to edit these out.

– Try adding a pop of bright color! Whether it’s a brightly-colored scarf or a pair of statement earrings, bright colors photograph really well and can work well with even neutral-colored or minimalist outfits. A brighter lip color also photographs really well – if this fits with your personality, go for it!