In The Backpack of... 8


What: Local explorer who was just named as the 50 top explorers by Men’s Journal. Known for his knowledge on sustainable exploring.

Where: Resides in Boulder but explores all over the world

1. BackPack is Granite Gear Nimbus trace access

2. DeLorme inReach (2-way satellite communicator, tracker and emergency locator beacon. Made in Maine – I can communicate with my family in Boulder from anywhere in the world.)

3. Zeal – Ace sunglasses (100% cotton frame that’s biodegradable!)

4. Cascade designs ascent snowshoes

5. Stanley pint glass (Lasts forever!)

6. Wigwam ice sock

7. Helly Hansen -made with Allied Down and Feathers

8. Uco Gear original candle lantern

9. Give-n-Go sport mesh inseam boxer brief (Wore this underwear for 55 days straight on NP exped and after a few washes good as new :))

10. Ener Plex solar charger  (The ultimate renewable resource — sunlight!)