With the summer solstice now in the rear view mirror, I have realized there are still a few items to check off my “Boulder Bucket List” for summer. I am hoping by the August issue, I have experienced the following:

1. Tubing Boulder Creek: The heavy spring rains, and subsequently high water, has certainly given me an excuse to push this one back. With that said, I’m a lake boy at heart, so a little chilly water isn’t going to keep me out of the creek.

2. Family Picnic at Betasso Preserve: The bar was set pretty high at my first experience here. Last summer, Kate and I had the pleasure of being invited to a farm dinner at Betasso that was catered by Chef Hosea Rosenberg. While you won’t see me on any Top Chef episodes, the picturesque views Betasso offers will more than make up for my lack of culinary prowess.

3. Concert at Chautauqua: It shouldn’t come as any surprise why this old barn consistently lands musical talent that could sell out venues five times is size. The acoustics, character and attentive audiences are just a few reasons why names like Chris Robinson, Bob Weir and Ryan Bingham keep coming back to Boulder. I’m especially pumped for the Punch Brothers show, which is slated for September 1st.
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