Sandwichs in the City 3

Boulder is a great city, but we already knew that. Mountain views, miles of bike trails, craft beer worth bragging about and … Sandwiches. That’s right. Here in our comfortable foothills paradise lie sandwich shops galore. Each one is packed full of local charm and, well, delicious eats. We sampled four of Boulder’s premiere sandwiches to see how each one stacked up.

Organic Sandwich Co.

Spicy Veggie – a vegetarian’s dream!

Avocado, pea shoots, tomatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and a house made giardiniera (a pickled vegetable spread) all combine in harmony to make this a meat-free myriad of tastes. Add in a pretzel roll and you’ve got a veggie sandwich even the most die-hard meat lover will enjoy.

Turkey & Bacon Jam on a gluten-free baguette – no gluten with no sacrifices!

This is a fresh twist on an old favorite. This age-old lunchtime go-to got a makeover with a homemade bacon jam that escalates it from a Tuesday afternoon break room bagged lunch to a full on weekend party in the park. The bun choices allow for both “glutenites” and non to enjoy a hearty sandwich with absolutely no FOMO (fear of missing out) attached.


French Dip

Our culture has plenty of reasons to thank the French: French fries, the French press, and the French dip (a shaved roast beef sandwich with melted cheese, caramelized onions, a side of sauce for which to dunk?! It’s just like mom used to make, and it fits right in your hands). The food truck, however, is as American as apple pie. We celebrated the blissful meshing of two cultures when we picked up this sandwich at the RollinGreens food truck at the Boulder Farmers Market.