Camping in the Great Wide Open 6

The Gourmand’s Guide to Camping


Getting gourmet around the campfire beyond hotdogs and smore’s. Grant Buchanan with Culinary Concepts showed us how to whip up a decadent meal around the campfire, because let’s be honest, the campfire is one of the best parts about camping. Skip the sub-par food, take advantage of the campfire and get inspired with our gourmand’s style shoot, inspired by a blend between the classic Colorado camp and a modern upgrade.


Shoot Stylist: Elorie Slater, The Gathery

The Chef: Grant Buchanan with Culinary Concepts

Location: Grant Buchanan’s Farm

Pop-up trailer: Colorado Teardrops

Photographer: Tara Polly Photography

Flowers and floral design: Fiori Flower

Hammock: Trek Light

Cooking over the fire

What you’ll need:

Tongs – You’ll need a sturdy pair of metal tongs. Get a set that is at least 16” long and that can quickly lock and unlock.

Gloves – A pair of heat resistant gloves is a good idea

Grill grate – If you want to sear meats, char peppers, toast bread, etc. then you’ll need a grill grate. This is also useful to place your cast iron skillets on if you need less intense heat.

Cast Iron – I can’t say enough about cast iron. It’s cheap, dependable, controls heat well and lasts a lifetime if well cared for.

Wood, matches, paper

A good drink – If you’re out by the fire you need something to cool you off.

Camping is the best way to get away from the lights, noise and chaos of city life. With the mountains beckoning right on the horizon, we packed up our gear, brought along Chef Grant Buchanan and proved that modern day camping can be a foodies delight.

When you go camping it’s important to be resourceful, which is why we took full advantage of the natural wood-burning stove aka the campfire. The campfire gives food a flavor that the best urban stove or grill can’t compete with, and combined with the flavor history of a good, seasoned cast iron skillet, our American fare menu was taken to a new level. The pork chop and steak was browned and crisp on the outside, but tender bursting with flavor with each bite. For a little pick me up we used a French press to make flavorful coffee that’s surprisingly easy to make. I now question why anyone would use instant coffee. And of course any camping meal is not complete without dessert. But forget whittling a stick for marshmallows and instead opt for baking strawberry cake in the cast iron, we’re telling you it’s the gourmand’s go-to camping tool.

Finally, a good meal is not complete without a relaxing atmosphere. This is easy to come by with the forest of pines and lake water lapping on the shore. Just add some guitar chords and a hammock, and you’ll be on the most relaxing (and delicious) vacation that’s right in your backdoor. Take this inspiration and get outside this summer. We’re lucky to live in the Rocky Mountains.