In the midst of this issue’s magnificent photo shoot, someone asked if this was really how things went down at my wedding. It was hard not to laugh out loud. Yes, my wedding day was the best day of my life, but there were definitely some stressful moments.

The whirlwind and sometimes chaotic nature of wedding planning just comes with the territory. How many times in our life do we get to have all of our favorite people in our life with us for a full day, or weekend? Leaving the heavy lifting and details to a professional is certainly one way to avoid some of the unforeseen speed bumps that come with the territory.

Before our wedding, I thought the concept of “wedding crashers” was just the theme of a funny Owen Wilson movie.  When 500 people showed up to our wedding, (which 450 had RSVP’d), it made for one heck of a party.

Here in Denver, we are fortunate to have amazing natural backdrops, venues, and some of the most talented professionals in the business. I had the fortune of working with some of these vendors during a recent shoot at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. I was blown away by the individual talent that came together. They helped us put together inspirations, love stories and wonderful details to ensure you enjoy each page.

Another aspect of this season that cannot be overlooked is Mother’s Day. Two months after our wedding, all it took was one trip to Santa Barbara, an awesome Led Zeppelin cover band, and we had our first child on the way. Six years into our marriage, we are thrilled to have our fourth child on the way in the fall. Being a mother of three children, each day is an adventure. For every treacherous diaper, yogurt slung on the wall, and melt down, there is the joy of a child’s hug, unfiltered questions about life, and “Mommy, I love you”. Cheers to all the moms out there for all the sacrifice and love you pour into your children.