Spring Floral Centerpiece

Spring offers such an incredible bounty of beautiful flowers that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to gather together some of our favorites to create a lush spring centerpiece perfect for the many gatherings that happen at this time of year: showers, graduation parties, bridal teas and other special occasions.


•Your favorite opaque vessel

•A piece of chicken wire large enough to create a reasonably tight fit in your container

•Four to five types of your favorite flowers. Try to vary the shape a bit so that some are soft and fluffy, some have a longer line, some are larger, some are smaller, some are viney in nature. Variety makes the arrangement beautiful. We used peonies, lilacs, spray roses, tulips, clematis and apple blossom branches.

•One or two types of foliage. Feel free to forage from your garden for flowers and foliage. We used dusty miller and scented geranium.

•A floral knife or some clippers–no scissors. Scissors damage a flower’s stem, prohibiting it from drinking properly.



The first step to any gorgeous floral arrangement is to prepare your flowers. Make sure you clean off any foliage that will fall below the water line. Leaves in the water will encourage the growth of bacteria, which will shorten the life of your arrangement.


Next, prepare your container. Bend your chicken wire to fit snugly inside the container. The chicken wire acts as a grid to hold your flowers where you want them, giving your design the shape you want.

Step 3

Begin by gathering and placing some of your large, fluffy flowers in a group–here, peonies and spray roses. It gives the arrangement a beautiful focal point. Next, add in some of your longer-line flowers (in our piece we used the lilac and tulips). Use the long-line flowers to create a wild, garden-esque shape. Movement is key–let the flowers reach and swoop–it will give your piece so much life.


Turn your vessel around in slow circles as you design, continuing to place your larger, fluffier flowers a little lower, with your line flowers slightly taller. Begin to fill in with your foliages.


We finished our arrangement with blooming apple branches and clematis. The viney clematis is the perfect finishing touch. We let ours peek out above our other flowers to give the piece a very wild look.